Friday, July 22, 2016

6-22-16 ~ A Little Bit of Everything

This week my body has been consumed with Poison Ivy.  Monday will be 2 weeks of itching and places are still coming out. I took Prednisone for a week and am now depending upon Benadryl to do the trick. I have had to stay as still as possible in the house so turned on the AC in my living room and bedroom and spent most of my time in the old blue chair. I did a bit of everything trying to keep my mind off of the itching and worked daily on my Etegami. It was an art filled week, but I managed to turn a pile of lemons into some delicious lemonade.

Let me start with the culprit. Just looks like a week. In Florida a block from the Atlantic all I new were pretty flowers, cockroaches, scorpions, mosquitoes, sea gulls, sand pipers pelicans, and alligators......not Poison Ivey. Well, I know it now?

This is the culprit and it is right beside the front porch step in Buddy's
 herb garden.Fortunately the bug man who comes monthly to spray the house
is not allergic to it, so he pulled it all out and hid it.

The Story of My Magical Garden
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Several years ago, my family won the lottery and in our large back yard lot I decided I wanted us to build a safe place for children to come and visit. It had to have a goldfish pond like my church had when I was a little girl and one with a marble seat all the way around it so the children could sit there, dangle their feet in the cool water, throw in their pennies for good luck, and watch the goldfish play. And, then you, Alexandra (Sunday Sketches), I thank you for all you taught me in your classes and loving to try to put a little bluebird named Alexia in all of my drawings. They add a very special touch. Every Sunday it was the happiest time of my day when we went to the Episcopal Church, Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida. It was sort of like a home a block from our home. I also had to have LOTS of colorful flowers just like Bethesda, some seats where they could sit and rest, also like Bethesda and even a swing set for a bit of flying fun. As you can see, the children have come and look to be having a grand old time. Once again, we have my "inner child" coming to the surface. I am a child at heart. I do not want to leave my happy garden and goldfish pond.Wouldn’t it be Wonderful if you could win the lottery and then create an area like this at your new home?

Here is my second watercolor from my gorgeous Seeing Flowers book I wrote about last week.
I did try use stippling on the pod of the cornflower.Alexia is here.
I want to thank my blogger friend, John of Sinbad and I on the Loose, for introducing me to stippling.His work with birds is out of this world.

This is the cover I created for my Doodle Journal.

Here is page 2. These are all words and phrases that
hold much meaning for me. Since all the paper is tan,
 I decided to add some color to the piece.

Page 3 ~ A collage of little doodles and some pictures....and lots of stippling practice. It is hard to do.  Last week I saw one Stephan Stark's  page where she shared with us some spectacular and colorful doodle patchwork. I fell in love. She even showed us the process she went through. I thought it was such a cool idea, and since I had already started a doodling journal, I decided to divide it into 8 rectangles and just go for it. I did not do a rough draft. like she did  I arbitrarily gel penned colors and in particular, the flag with the red, white, and blue stripes in that order. I looked on the internet to see if there was one, and there was... the flag of Paraguay. FYI...there are 37 flags with these colors.

This is a digital copy of a watercolor card I sent to a friendwho had lost her son.
I've decided I am not gong to buy any more cards but instead will paint them.

Last but not least are all of my studies this week painting following the art form of etegami. Thank you, Carol from Creative Harbor, for introducing me to this method of watercolor painting.These are all post cards I did this week, and they are in the order as I painted them. I was curious to see what my name would look like in katakana, so I have written it on the cards. Am trying to make me stamp with the symbols for "genie".The stamping is always in red.

 How the background turned out blue in the photo I do not know. 
The background was white.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

6-20-16 ~ Looking for Flowers to Sketch

I stopped by the old Rexrode homeplace yesterday looking for flowers to sketch.  It is across the road from us. Mr. Rexrode built a one level home quite a while back because of his age and health so this beautiful old home is still empty and waiting for a buyer. The barn can no longer be seen from the road for the bushes that have grown up around it.

I passed this vintage sign at the old Sensabaugh homeplace and farm.

Drive up to the Rexrode Homeplace
The fields in front are no longer cut for the hay.

I found some wee flowers I could try to sketch.

The fence on this side is beginning to break and fall into disrepair.

Some more possibilities for sketching at the cattle guard.

It was in my own yard that I found one to sketch.

This is our front yard right after the grass had been cut.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

6-17-16 ~ It's Sunday Again

It is time once again for Alexandra's Sunday Sketches at Blue Chair Diary.

Congratulations to you, Denise, being chosen the winner of Alexandra's contest for a new Sunday Sketches logo with a British theme.  Your watercolor is just out of this world. I LOVE it! Kudos to you for creating such a precious painting.

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I need to tell myself this each morning when I get out of bed...."I Can and I Will".
I found a Strathmore Toned Tan sketchbook (80lb paper-50sheets) at Michael's, and I just had to have it. This is what I did on the first page.
I used a Micron pen and a red gel pen.

Do any of you know what kind of a bird this is? The picture was on the front of an old nature magazine of Buddy's which he had finished reading. I tore off the picture and then threw out the magazine so could not look up what it is.  I asked Bud if mine looked like the one in the picture, and he said the beak was wrong and there were other things that needed work. Oh, well, I tried. At least he was willing to give me constructive criticism. I am going to try again this week to see if I can paint it better. 

As always, my best friend, Weezie, and I are the two girls having tea up on the roof deck.

I bought the book Seeing Flowers this week, and I painted this Beardstongue from one of the gorgeous photographs in that book. There is another book, Seeing Trees, that my granddaughter has, and it is every bit as beautiful. So, I went to Amazon to get the tree book, and it was there that I discovered this one on flowers. Here in the info on it and links to both books.
Seeing Flowers 
Discover the Hidden Life of Flowers
Photography by Robert Llewellyn
Written by Teri Dunn Chace

The Amazon link to Seeing Trees is:

Yes, we live way way out in the country so I LOVE barns.

The hat on the left belongs to the little girl and the one on the right to the little boy.
Since Alexandra is leaving for England, I was thinking about the old pictures I had of the precious British children in their traditional bonnets. I just couldn't resist trying to paint them.

Friday, July 8, 2016

6-8-17 ~ Let's Go Swimming

This is my first attempt at painting a watercolor picture without first sketching it out with pencil. I decided to try just creating as a went. My starting point was I wanted mountains in the background, and a garden of flowers in the foreground. That was all. The rest came as I went along. The last thing was putting My girlfriend, Weezie, and me in the pond swimming. Now, that is my favorite part. My lilies don't look like lilies, so they are just floating flowers.

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Over the Fourth, my granddaughter and my son came to see me, and she drew this cute little picture of her bedroom at home.She used pen and ink and my : markers. Right now she is taking
an art class at the Richmond Museum of Art and I am oh, so happy for her.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

7-7-16 ~ Children and Music

"I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but the most importantly music, for all the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning."  ~ Plato

I wanted to draw a picture of children playing music for The Three Muses this week - the prompt is Music - so I searched stock images on the internet and found a vintage photograph which was perfect. The children were standing on the table playing their oversized instruments...sososo cute. I just couldn't resist trying to paint it. It reminds me of being 4 or 5 when my parents bought me an old preacher's folding organ which he'd used when moving from church  to church. On that old organ, I took my first piano lessons and have adored music every since. In the fourth grade they gave me private pastel art lessons and that was the beginning of my love of art. My parents left out the physics and philosophy which is a very good thing because I am definitely NOT a left brainer. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Friday, July 1, 2016

7-1-16 ~ Friendship and Your Garden

The current challenge over at The Three Muses is "Quote".
This quote was found on the internet and anonymous.
Here is my interpretation.

Weezie and Genie...Best Friends Forever
Weezie is truly a friend who has always overlooked my broken fences 
and instead admired the flowers in my garden. Edging upon 80, nothing has changed.

7-1-16 ~ Sunflower Transformation

This is the original picture from last summer. It was a bumper year!

This is the sunflower after its transformation into a sketch drawing in Photoshop CS6.

Bring in photo you want to use into Photoshop
Go up to Layer-New-Layer via Copy
Go up to Image-Adjustments-Desaturate
Go up to Layer-New-Layer via Copy
Go up to Image-Adjustments-Invert
Change the blending mode from "normal" to "color dodge"
Go up to Filter-Minimum-Leave radius at 1 px
Merge layers: on Mac hold down option key, go to layer menu, and click on "merge visible"
Go up to Layer-New-Layer via Copy
Change the blending mode to "multiply" and adjust opacity (used 65%)
Duplicate background layer by first highlighting it and then clicking Command J on Mac
Drag and move background layer up above all the other layers
Change blending mode to "color" and adjust opacity to suit yourself
Change blending mode of that background layer from "normal" to "color" and adjust opacity
You Are Done