Buttons for Baga is a Word Verification Free Blog

Buttons for Baga is a Word Verification Free Blog

Monday, June 27, 2016

6-27-16 ~ Digital Flowers

I have decided if I try to create a digital sketch daily, maybe before long I will figure out how the brushes and colors work. For now, it is just hunt and click. Sometimes it works; sometimes not.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

6-26-16 ~ My First Attempt to Use PSE6 to Sketch

Yesterday when I was going through the blogs I love to visit, I went over to Sheila's
 Orange Esmerelda home. Her "fish" contribution to Mix It Monthly inspired me to open up my 
Photoshop CS6 and give painting a picture from scratch for the first time. It took me three hours to come up with these three pictures, but it was well worth the time. I learned about brushes and other things on CS6. Thanks, Sheila, for inspiring me to try something new. These are pretty rough with LOTS of room for LOTS of improvement, but I have taken my first baby step. I tried to create the feel of some drips and drops.

My Prissy Girly Fish

My Orange Fish in the Rain

My Blue Fish with Yellow

Sally Ann in the Flowers
After I finished my fish, I decided to try one of my little girls.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

6-26-16 ~ Sunday Sketches and Paint Party Friday

Once again, it is time for Sunday Sketches and Paint Party Friday.

Last week my granddaughter, Eloise, completed elementary school and now she is off to middle school.  Oh, how time flies when you have only one granddaughter. She is growing up so quickly. The little girls in this picture are all her best pals. Some of them attend her school and others went to different ones. The girls with the scarves around their necks were all at her school and were members of the National Elementary Honor Society. 

This is another of my sketches and as always without perspective. It is 8:00 and it's bedtime for Sally Ann and Trouble. She is giving her baby one last big bear hug before they crawl into bed together for a cozy and warm night's sleep. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

6--19-16 ~ Sunday Sketches and a Kite Challenge

After the horrendous and tragic Orlando Massacre and remembering the watercolor I did at the time of the Oklahoma Bombing, I thought I would try to sketch something that had a bit of meaning for all of us as well as having kites in it for the Three Muses challenge of "Kites". My son has a framed poster in his den that shows a little girl caring a sign with "Make Art Not War" on it. Here is a copy I found on the internet. 
That quote kept coming to me so here is my in contribution. Let us all be friends and love one another just like my two little girls. Note...I did not forget Alexandra's little bluebirds...
they are on the shoulders of the girls :-)

We are tearing up the uneven kitchen floor of our 110 year old house, and I have a pile of old vinyl tiles which I just cannot throw away. The idea came to me from some linoleum prints a friend of mine made years ago (Fannie Mennen) to see if I could sort of emulate them. You can see my carving in the first shot and what I created on my first try with the brayer in the second. I had not a clue what I was doing...I just started cutting VERY carefully. I added some of Tim Holtz's yellow distress ink and spattered it in an attempt to create some flowers.

These are some of the assignments from classes I am taking online.
 This is an old vintage photo copy with doodles on and around it.

All of the following are some of the lessons from online courses I am taking.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Sketches ~ 6-12-16

Once again it is time for our most special "Sunday Sketches" over at Alexandra's Blue Chair Diary.
 Please come and join us.

My first attempt at painting on very old barn wood.
I used gesso and acrylics.

 Ain't I Cute

Flower Doodles
Working on petals and shapes of flowers, leaves, and flower pots.

I Love My Family

Sunday, June 5, 2016

6-5-16 ~ Sunday Sketches

Once again it is time for our most special "Sunday Sketches" over at Alexandra's.
 Please come and join us to selects of precious pictures.
Her "Ladybug" watercolor is just too precious for words.

This week I had to have my pal of 16 years, Little Jack the Schnauzer, put down because of kidney failure, incontinence, and advanced dementia. I never knew dogs could get dementia, but Jack was having a terrible time getting lost and just not responding. He laid in his little bed crate almost all day. It has broken my heart as I have never killed or had to have a doctor put down any animal in my life. (a ground stinging bee hive attacking me and flies so not count) I had no idea how it was going to effect me, but there has been some real depression. As always, I draw to try to get over the doldrums so here is my first beginning sketch. Jack is NOT a girl, but I love bows so put them on him. The lighting was terrible this morning so please excuse the dark gritty places.

As the week went on, I decided to try to come up with something happy that included him so created... The Kerrs Creek 2016 Beauty Contest with him as the Judge from up in Doggie Heaven. In case you cannot read the names of the contestants here they are...
Edgar Egret
Kelly Kitty
Brenda Bluebird
Matilda Mouse
Claudette Cow
Roscoe Rabbit
As you notice, they all have their little red hearts on them.
Just hunt and you will see them.

I also did this little picture of Eloise and me (she calls me Baga or Bags) swinging from the big old tree in our front yard on the creek. It started out as a bunch of little pen and ink doodles and ended up like this. I am here in Richmond with her now because my 51 year old son flew into DC on business from Seattle and drove over to see his brother and me. That's one reason for the crummy photos taken in the bedroom with little light and my iPhone...trying NOT to awaken my boys and Patti.

Over Memorial Day Eloise, Gene, and Patti came over to our place and brought Sage, Eloise's pal who is like a member of the family. I had just gotten a new journal so decided to let her create the cover. I had her using gesso, Tim Holtz distress paints and some of his stencils, his texture paste, watercolors and acrylics. I was amazed at what she did. She and Eloise are so talented and adore doing these things with Baga.

I hope all of your have a wonderful paint filled week.
We start tomorrow ripping up the floor in the kitchen of our 100+ year old house. 
It is bowing up in the middle so we need to see what is happening.
Oh, how i dread the mess. 
We are also going to recover the washroom and dining room floors, and Buddy is treating me to all new stainless steel appliances:  electric stove, fridge with the huge freezer at bottom, and a dishwasher that will wash SMALL cycles using only the top shelf. Those 24 month to pay without any interest Lowe's offers at Memorial saved our lives this time. 
Now, all we have left are the labor costs.....UGH! A frightening thought.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

5-29-16 ~ Sunday Sketches

Today is the day for Sunday Sketches

 Trying to put a happy face on Buster the Bear

 This little angel hangs in my kitchen.

I love my clothesline.

This is the wreath form Alexandra's Watercolor 101 class.

Trying to create fun borders.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

5-22-16 ~ Sunday Sketches

"Don't let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. 
Believe in yourself. Do what you love. 
And most importantly, be kind to others, even if you do not like them."
~Stacy London

Taking Alexandra's course in watercolors ~ Watercolor 101 ~ has really been a treat and way more inspiring than I ever could have imagined. Yesterday I was finally able to complete the leaf exercise and also my first attempt at the peacock. It definitely needs lots of improvement with the blending of color in the feathers. That is what I plan to work on today. Thank you again and again Alexandra for helping me with the lessons. Everything is working just fine :-) If you are a beginner or even someone who has some experience painting using watercolors, I highly recommend Alexandra's courses. They are reasonably priced, her instructions are so nicely and clearly presented, and they end up being wonderful and inspiring classes for anyone taking them.

Love Life and Yourself
This was such fun to do even though you can see I am still having difficulty with the flow and blending of colors. I did finally realize I was dragging the water brush from the side instead of head on which helped a lot. After I completed the leaves I just played getting ideas from Alexandra's lesson and then adding my own little touches. I'm going to take her suggestion and will do this little exercise each day before I start to paint. This was the Watercolor 101 Leaf Lesson.

 This is my first attempt at the Watercolor 101 Peacock assignment. My green and yellow blends went askew, but I am so happy with what I was actually able to do. Now, we will see if I can improve upon this later on today. Peacocks are so pretty. Back years ago when I lived in Asheville, NC, and my husband was the landscape architect for the Vanderbilt Estate, we used to take the children over to the staff quarters to see the peacock up close and personal. When they spread those feathers, it is an unbelievable vision of beauty.

The following are a few of the pieces I have just completed.

 Always Focus on the Future
(I was not sure whether to show the eye at the scope or not.)

Weezie and Genie in the Creek at the House
Whenever you see two little girls together in any of my pictures, they represent my closest friend of over 50 years, Weezie, and me. We only met when our daughters were in preschool, but I LOVE to imagine us as children together. She is now in a nursing home after serious strokes, complications of RA, and heart problems. Buddy takes me to see her in Asheville as often as he can. We love each other so much, and it is so sad we cannot be together. She has been a sister to me all of these years.

I did not have an idea how to paint water flowing over the rocks and splashing over our Wellies. Finally, I decided to use my white gel pen to make the splashes at our feet.

Let Your Inner Child Live

Friendships Grow with LOVE
(I'm in the blue hat and Weezie is in the yellow and green checkered dress. I wanted the stems to be at different heights so was unable to put us exactly side by side.)

Smile and Be Happy ~ It Is So Easy
(Note the two girls at the bottom left...they represent Weezie and me.)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

5-12-16 ~ Flowers from Spots, Dots, and Splashes


The prompt this week for Try It on Tuesdays is:
Spots, Dots, and Splashes

For this art journal page, I glued two pages together so the ink and watercolors wouldn't bleed through. Then I took one of my flower cutters and cut a form from heavy card stock. I went around with it dabbing Tim Holtz's Antique Distress Ink Stains and then sprayed them with water. After they bled, I sprayed on some of his Distress Spray Stains and used some of the his little distress pads to add more color. When I finished I could see the beginnings of leaves and flowers all over the page. Some of the bleeds I used as stems, and others I drew in myself. After the page really dried, I outlined with a Micon pen turning the spots, dots, and splashes into flowers. Because of my quilting background, I decided to put dashes around all the flowers, stems, and leaves to give the feeling they had been sewn onto fabric. This is my first time ever trying something so free form in nature.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

5-8-16 ~ Sunday Sketches and A Mother’s Day Memory

This week the weather has been miserable so have had to spend a lot of time in bed with my back. There is something about the humidity and the fluid around the discs that can cause a bad situation even worse. With my little Koi, Van Gogh, and Windsor and Newton folding travel paint trays and my water brushes,  I am able to sketch and paint propped in bed. As you can see, I am having lots of trouble mastering the concept of "the wash", but maybe I will get it in time. I've just gotta persevere and try, try again and again.

Ever since I can remember I have been a lover and follower of Mary Engelbriet and her precious and child oriented paintings. I think I have every book she has written, and have collected her calendars for years along with picture frames, pocket books, pins, pot holders, fabric, wall hangings, note cards....you name it and I have it. One day this week I was looking at one of her pictures and loved the little house, her sun, and her apple tree. I added them to this, but they certainly do not look like hers. And to think that she started when she was only 10 years old. Amazing! Her life story is so inspiring.


 The "Follow Your Dreams" and "The Sky's the Limit" are two of my mantras for young and old alike. Unfortunately, I keep messing up my Micron pens and my special "waterproof" highlighter pen. Am thinking I may be pressing too hard, or maybe I have gotten paint into them. I am waiting until each painting is totally dry before going over my sketch lines with the inking, but I am still having problems. Wish I knew :-(


In Memory of My Mother on Mother’s Day 2016