Friday, March 5, 2010

Making Quilt Labels

Whenever I make a quilt or any sewn, knitted, or quilted gift, I make a label for it saying I made it, when, where, and for whom. On lap quilts and larger ones, I write the information on a rectangular piece of white muslin with a Pigma Micron archival in pen #01, sew a border around it using left over pieces of fabric, and then whip it to the back of the quilt by hand using small blind stitches. I select a font and size in Microsoft Word, type in the information, print it out, and then trace over it onto the muslin. For totes, large and small, I use Shrinky Dink plastic. Usually I use the frosted or clear sheets and write on them with Sharpie pens. I punch one hole in each corner before baking, and use those little holes for sewing the label to the item. For knitted hats and scarves, I punch only one hole in upper right hand corner of the Shrinky Dink, and then after baking I thread a piece of narrow gross grain ribbon through hole and tie the label to the item. Both styles are easy and lots of fun to make.

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