Sunday, May 2, 2010

The "100 Dress Challenge” Is Progressing

The Orphans of Kenya

My presentation to our Student Council went so much better than I would ever have expected.   Having the capability to project the LDFA site from my laptop up onto the large screen was great because the students got to see the wonderful photographs of the children and the volunteers up close and personal. When I began sewing one of the dresses for them to learn the process, 2 of the girls sprawled out on the library tables with their noses close to my pressure foot mesmerized by the process.  Now they have talked me into bringing back my sewing machines so they can make some dresses of their own to donate. I even have one teacher bringing her machine to talk part in the sew-a-long. One of the boys actually became a model for the others.  We had the best time.  They all went back to their rooms and gave presentations and then last week the the pillowcases, fabrics, and notions started coming in.  Some pieces had been packed away for years and years, but now are going to be put to good use. I am so happy with the outcome. My upstairs “office” here at home is quickly being transformed into my Little Dresses for Africa room.  ..but that is a good thing!

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