Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finally, Another Pillowcase Dress

I fell behind for a week or so, but I am finally back on track.  Today I made another of my “100 Dress Challenge” dresses and had the best time doing it because I was following a new pattern design. Students and teachers continue to donate fabric and notions to me, so I must set aside more time to work on them. This one is from a different pattern  called “Simple Sundress Pattern” with a deep gathered neckline and French seams.  Amy Finlayson of www. designed it and shows it on on her site. If you would like to make it for non-commercial use, you can email her for the pattern at afinlarc@yahoocom.  Hers is a precious and very feminine and little girly pattern, and I love it. I am making one for my little granddaughter, Elose, too. Amy’s pattern calls for no bias tape or elastic.  Instead, she uses twice underturned armholes and a shoulder tie made from a coordinated fabric. The long 2 1/2 inch tie with the big bow on the shoulder is especially attractive. I made this  dress to donate to Little Dresses for Africa as one of my “100 Dress Challenge” dresses.  It was not at all complicated and a lot of fun to sew.  If you like the pattern, take at look at Amy’s blog.  Her tutorial is wonderful: well written, easy to follow, and nothing you need to know is left out! Happy sewing, and if you have the time, think about making some pillowcase dresses for "Little Dresses for Africa.” It is a wonderful cause, and trust me, once you start you will get the warm fuzzies each time to sew one together.

When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others. -- Chinese Proverb 


  1. Hi Genie :)
    I am so happy that you found my whole wheat pastry recipe and I hope that you like it just as much as we do. Happy baking!

  2. Rosina....I am off to the grocery store in the morning...will let you know how it turns out for me......hugs....Genie

  3. Genie, your blog is a delight. Thank you for popping over, your visit means a lot. I just think this pillow case dress challenge is wonderful. I scrolled back through your blog to catch up...What a wonderful ministry and the dresses are so cute and bright....What a blessing in deed. You should do a little pillowcase blessing on your stitch along.... Have a happy weekend..Hugs,Mica

  4. Mica....It would be fun and a way to document my little dresses to do another 100 grid piece with each dress represented in one of the squares. I did do my Blessing #2 on my devoted to 100 Dress Challenge. Please stop by there for a visit to see that little square and the progress I am making. Thanks for your kind comment...and, yes, I am having a quiet, rainy, cool weekend here in the Blue Ridgie Mts. of Virginia....Hugs...Genie