Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FInished First Square, BUT It’s the Wrong Size!

Well, I sewed all the pieces together, BUT the square ended up being 12in. X 12in. instead of 12.5in. X 12.5 in. What a bummer!  I am so upset!   My back is acting up and I can’t bend forward to cut. Consequently I ended up having to rotary cut the pieces in my bed on a little bed table instead of standing at the dining room table as I usually do. That, I am assuming was the BIG mistake.  Cutting pieces correctly holds the key to successful piecing. The only fix I can think of is to add strips around the perimeter so I can bring it out to the correct measurement. Ripping out the whole square would leave me with one big raveled mess. Of course, I could use it in one of my totes or as a pillow. Ah, such is life.  I will not let it discourage me. It was just another “learning experience.” On the brighter side of life, tomorrow is Rednesday, and it doesn’t have to be any particular size :-)

“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”
~Oscar Wilde


  1. Hi and greetings from the Netherlands! I just found your blog through Anna Maria's website. Thank you for sharing! I'm quite new to sewing and doing mistakes like this all the time...nice to know that it happens even to the experienced ones. Next time I will remember that and move on:)I hope you find away to fix it, it is a beautiful block.

  2. Hi, Mari....Thanks for visiting. I sent Anna Maria a note and am waiting to hear what she thinks I need to do. The Netherlands....oh, I would love to come back and visit Amsterdam again. I had the BEST time there...especially the Van Gogh museum. Stayed on a canal boat...what fun! Am going to try to figure out the block today and start a new one. Hugs, Genie