Monday, June 21, 2010

It’s ME Monday, and I Found My Missing ME Decoupage Pin

     Thanks to Vicki at Cherry Chick and her wonderful SmileBox presentation of some of her many unique, signed ME collectables, and in particular her pictures of Mary’s little decoupage  pins, I got up at the crack of dawn this morning to search for the ONE I have had for years but couldn’t find anywhere. I was frantic I’d lost a friend missing... but much to my great joy and surprise I found it almost immediately under my bathroom sink in my “pin basket”...just where it was supposed to be...isn’t that usually the case?  Like I told Vicki, that poor little pin has been through the washer and dryer so many times I cannot count them, but what ME does she does well and for that reason it is in really good condition. Thank you V. for triggering my fading memory and sending me on my searching mission. I am such a happy camper this afternoon :-)!

“Friends though absent are still present.”
~Marcus Tillius Cicero - 106BC-43BC


  1. That is a great little pin....and I couldn't agree more witht he saying on it!!!!!! I am glad you found it, I have those times too where I am sure I have thrown it out.....never have, but some things are still MIA..... :)

  2. Sandy..I can tell you love ME just as I do....Yep, I am so happy to find it....Hugs, Genie

  3. Hi Genie - thanks for stopping by my blog! I bought dried lavender on ebay, since I didn't have luck growing it myself. The seller I used was posi_trade but it looks like he doesn't have any posted now, but if you just go to ebay and search for "Dried Lavender" you'll get a bunch of options. The variety I bought was Grosso Lavender and it smells divine!

    Take care!

  4. Ms. Genie,
    I'm so happy you found your pin and that it's made your afternoon ;-) I looked through my "stash" but I do not have that one. It's so perfect, too!
    Are you looking for dried lavendar? I saw a show on Sunday about a farm in CA and they said that the harvesting season is in late June. Here's the website to this beautiful little piece of heaven just in case you're interested..

  5. Thanks Emma and Vicki....I LOVE lavender and like to use it in the little sachets I make for the teachers. Cloves really smell good in them especially at Christmas...easy to make and always appreciated by the gals that get them. A quick, less than an hour gift. Hugs...XOXOXOXOXO...Genie