Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Second Time Around the Block Was the Charm!

     My children, students, and husband tell me I am the most hard headed woman in the world when it comes to getting something just right, but this time it paid off big time!  I was so upset with myself for messing up my first block for the “Rainbow Around the Block” project - a wonderful project spearheaded by Anna Maria Horner - it made me work even harder to get it right this time. I decided NOT to use the pinwheel in the middle since I was designing this block from scratch.  Rather, I went back to the old stash and found just enough of a batik scrap left over from the backing of my ragged square quilt and the other reds and blacks surrounding the center were leftovers from that quilt, too. Thank heavens for the old stash! I love the way it all came together, and I am especially happy that is ended up measuring 12.5 in. X 12.5 in square.......HURRAH! I kept telling myself...”If at once you don’t succeed, Eugenia, try, try again!”  Oh, Happy Rednesday!

“Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul.”
~Duuglas MacArthur


  1. hi Genie,
    you are a real hardworking girl genie ,and i agree that the hard work always pay off ,as it did for your this and the previous squares they look great ,for me they could make cute cusions too.
    also the tote for your friend is just very cute.
    keep the good work up

  2. Hi....I have been sewing and not embroidering, but am sure you go through periods like that with your painting. Hope you had a wonderful visit with the family....Hugs and love, Genie