Saturday, July 10, 2010

And the Waters Rained Down From the Heavens......FINALLY!

Over the past two days, we have gone from no rain to two HUGE monumental storms.  They were so impressive I decided to try to document our little spot on the creek in photographs.  Here we go!
7/04/2010...Creek with Little Water-Rocks Exposed

7/8/10 - Creek Water after Rain #1-Hoodoo with Fewer Rocks Exposed

Genie’s Cooling Chair with Rock Table after Rain #1

Limbs of Tree Touching Ground from All the Rain after Rain #1

Close-Up of Tree Branch after Rain #1

7/9/10 - Partial Hoodoo with No Rocks Exposed 

Genie’s Chair but No Table Exposed 

How in the world my cooling chair managed to survive that onslaught of rushing water without ending up in the Maury River I will never know....guess I was just lucky! It is amazing what two HEAVY rains in less than 24 hours can do for an almost dry creek.  We were desperate for rain, and it finally came with a vengeance.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our prayers were answered.  The birds, bees, flowers, grasses, trees, and of course, Buddy and I, are so happy.

Our family and friends delight in building hoodoos in our creek and along the river.  In a good year, before they are washed away, we can have as many as a dozen all up and down our creek.  If you are curious about the “hoodoos”, here is the definition:

hoodoo (also called a tent rockfairy chimney, and earth pyramid) is a tall, thin spire of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin or badland. Hoodoos consist of soft sedimentary rock topped by harder, less easily-eroded stone that protects each column from the elements.

~And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. Gilbert K. Chesterton 


  1. Ahh, Genie...that's so cool to see the difference that the rain makes. I could really tell when I didn't see your rock table in the creek. Love the pictures!

  2. Vicki..It was a "frigftful sight" not to see my so glad it did not end up downstream in the river. It takes Gene and his lifting power to do things like that for me :-) Hugs, Genie

  3. Oh I love the looks just perfect to sit around in on a hot summer day....hugs Khris

  4. "Genie’s Cooling Chair with Rock Table after Rain #1" PHOTO.....

    How cool is that?

    Beautiful picture.