Sunday, July 18, 2010

M.E. Monday in Pictures

These two little frames go back many years and they are the worst for wear....scratches and some chips, but they are still some of my favorite M.E. things.  The photo of me heaven only knows how long ago that was taken....I surely do no look like that anymore.  The one of Buddy with Willy (on the left and now a junior at St. Andrew’s School in Deleware) and Crenshaw (on the right who just graduated from St. Andrew’s and is on his way to the University of Maryland to study chemical engineering) is REALLY OLD!  I am funny about pictures like these.  I do not like to update them with photos from the present. There is something somewhat special about leaving the old pictures in the frames in order to be able to reflect back upon the past in our lives.  I LOVE M.E. FRAMES! They are my favorites.  Happy M.E.Monday to all of you. 

“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.
~Ansel Adams


  1. You are far cuter today than in your other picture ;-)and you're right...that second frame has taken some serious I have a few frames like that, too. I'm not willing to throw out the frames even if they are cracked.
    Thanks so much, Ms. Genie, for sharing with us all.

  2. They may have some age but you can tell they are also well loved.
    I agree - photos do not have to be current. It is the memories that come with older photos that are treasured.

  3. these are sweet memories..thanks for sharing the sweetness..Mica