Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rednesday a Day Late

I may be a day late, but here is my FAVORITE baseball cap. My daddy always loved his baseball....he would have the TV with one game going, and two radios around and about with other games.  Dare I speak a word even softly during those games.  When I was a little girl and we were on a trip to see family friends in Shaker Heights, Ohio, he took me to a Cleveland Indians game and I was hooked.  Upon marrying Buddy, I had NO CHOICE but to become a Yankees fan, and that I am hard core.  I have all sorts and colors of Yankees’ caps, but I have to admit this is my favorite because it is RED!  I have never tried to take a photo of myself with my own camera so I cut off the rest of my face, but here it is.  Tuesday we lost our internet due to a horrible lightning storm so I am a bit late posting, BUT thanks to the sponsor of our wonderful Rednesdays and Vicki at Cherry Chick reminding me when the net came back up to post ASAP.... I am posting LATE! GO YANKEES!!!!!!!

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  1. Well, Genie, I guess I can forgive you for wearing a RED Yankees cap, seeing that we're blog buddies - LOL! I am from Red Sox Nation, you know!

    But, hey, that's what summer and baseball is all about - friendly rivalries! I'm not an avid fan - football's my sport!