Monday, August 23, 2010

Cousins at FR Who Look and Act Like Twins

I know it is late, but I just had to post this photo of Seattle Thomas with his Richmond cousin, Eloise.  They were born a month apart and are 5 years old, each one born to one of my sons, act like 2 peas in a pod, they both have VERY curly hair though Thomas’s is very red, they are the same height, and they have the best time together.  Eloise told us that every time they go down to the beach people think they are brother and sister....and someone thought they were even twins.  Thomas told Eloise... “We can’t be twins because I am a boy and you are a girl! That just cracked Buddy and me up....they are just tooooooo cute.  My daughter took the photo so that is why the quality is so much better than mine!


  1. Very sweet photo and memories.
    They could pass as twins!

  2. Genie,
    They are a couple of real cuties and the photograph is terrifc. Enjoy every minute of your special time with your family.

  3. What sweet grands! Did your sons look that much alike? Love the impish looks on their faces. My daughter and her cousins all look related but not that much alike.