Sunday, August 8, 2010

M.E.Monday Is Here Again

This M.E. Monday I am out of town visiting my best friend in Asheville, North Carolina.  We reared our children across the street from one another and our families were so totally a part of one another that we were basically one extended family. Since I will be there through Tuesday night and on the road driving back to VA on Wednesday, I’m having to get my post ready ahead of time.  School and work begin on the 16th so I thought I’d show you that I am M.E. ready to go back to my closet space and my little darlings who are sent to me for in-school room was originally a closet with no windows and a solid wood door without any glass in it s that is why I call it “the closet!" As you can see from the photo, I have my computer ready, my M.E. journal where I document everything that happens in my room, my cup telling me NOT to forget my batteries, and my M.E. little girly child’s hatbox bag which holds my classical cd’s I play all day, everyday, for the entire year. The students actually get to where they like it, and if I don’t have the cd player on, they will ask me to turn it on. They quickly learn there is music other than rap, hard rock, and country. I love it!!! Guess I am ready to hit the road for another 180 days.  Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought I’d still be going to school and work at 71!  AMAZING!!!!! The odd part is I am actually looking forward to it.  The more time I am busy, the less time I have to think about my aches and pains and getting old.  Work for me is a blessing! 

P.S.I did make it to Asheville safely, and Weezie and I are having the MOST wonderful time together.  It is just like we had never moved away from each other some 31 years ago.  


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends! I love all of the items you take to school with you!!!!

  2. It's such a blessing to reunite with old friends. I was able to spend a week with three of my closest girlfriends from high school earlier this year. The 55 anniversary of our births was just the excuse we needed, lol.

    I admire your energy! I hope you have a great year with your students.

  3. Genie,
    What a wonderful post! I learned so much more about you. You are a faithful friend, a hard worker, very creative, and an inspiration to children. Thank you for sharing with us on ME Monday.
    Have a safe trip home. Hugs

  4. I wonder if the kids purposely get sent to your room? I would..I love

    Did you make your computer case cover?

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  5. Love ME too. Glad you made it and Weezie is fine. You won't believe this but last week I had to go to a doctor in VA and we stopped in Lexington for lunch and walked around a bit - will be doing a red post about it on Tues! Small world huh? Hope to see you on your way home!


  6. Oh my! I love's so your posts! Wow! Thanks for sharing... :)

  7. You are reminding me that I have some ME mugs in the cupboard!

    Glad you re having a good trip. My friends are coming back for our high school reunion. (All I will say is it is more than 25 years.)

    I look forward to getting together but wish I could lose 25 pounds before the weekend.

  8. Hi Genie! I love ME Mondays! It's just so fun to see so much red on one day! I wanted to ask you if you would be interested in a quite large banner I am ready to part with that says "CREATE". Each triangle has a wonderful vintage children's image playing at a school activity. I am afraid the images are from the 50's and not very inclusive of all cultures, but it is yours if you can use it in your classroom. I will give you the post date on my blog for you to look at. Let me know! Elizabeth