Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alphabe Thursday - A Is for Allergy

Today I am joining in on the fun over at Jenny Matlocks blog.  She is quite the writer and so talented, fun, and creative. We are starting over with the alphabet this week so today’s letter is A.

My “A” word is ALLERGy!  First, let us look at it as a “negative” thing. What is an allergy in my book?  Well, it is a big itchin’ I get in my nose, inside my ears, all over the roof of my big mouth, under my toenails, on top of my eyeballs, and crawling up and down my wrinkled old epidermis.  As you can imagine, it is one BIG ITCHY PAIN!!! This time of year it is a bigger ITCHY PAIN than usual.....I love fall colors, but I despise the fall yuck that comes flying on a direct path to my poor old body. If I ever win the lottery, I promise mankind I will donate some of my winnings to allergy research for the elderly.  That old story I was told growing up....that I’d outgrow the darn things when I was older.  Well, that was ONE BIG LIE!!!  They have only gotten worse. Trust me, I’m not fooling you. I wouldn’t do a thing like that.

Now, on the other side of the coin let’s look at it as if it is a “positive” thing.
-“Oh, honey, I can’t vacuum today because my allergies are really bothering me.”
-“Sweetheart, would you please make the garbage run to the dumpsters...stirring up all of that dirt around those nasty green containers will make me itch and sneeze even more.”
-“Buddy, PLEASE get Jack and Trouble out of here right know all they do is share their dander with me and make me claw at myself even more.”
-O.K., dear, I have had it for one day.  I am going to bed.  Will you please clean up the kitchen.  All of this itching and sneezing has worn me to a frazzle.”
All of these are good things in my book....gotta spread that old housework around a bit.

That’s it is a nutshell....allergies are just allergies.  They live with me and I live with them. They ain’t gonna kill me though they can make me feel pretty miserable and out of sorts at certain times of the year.  There are a lot worse “A” things I could have wrong with me: amnesia, anxiety disorder, alter personalities, acne, AIS - anger irritation syndrome, Alzheimer’s...and the list goes on and on.  I think I am pretty darn lucky.  Hey, when I wake up itching I know I am alive.  That is a good thing!

A happy Alphabe Thursday to all of you. I am so thrilled to be on board for the coming 26 weeks.


  1. Well, I think allergies are pretty bad to deal with and though I don't officially have allergies....I sure do have the symptoms this week. I figure all my allergy friends are dying. I hope you get to feeling better. Very good post. I love using it as an excuse. Milk it, baby!

  2. Cute post, it put a smile on my face. I have a few seasonal allergies myself but like you I just go with the flow. I should try the housework waver tactic though.

  3. Ah, allergies just stink. Period. Way to find the silver lining though - have never thought of that -

  4. Ah yes, the (achoo) allergies. Sufferers know the pain and the gain!!!

  5. haha...very quick thinking on your part! Nice that you are only helping everyone out by spreading the wealth when it come to "that old housework". haha

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I sorta can't believe that I am actually not one of the last on Ms. Jenny's roster! (Hm...maybe it's our new substitute that did the trick!)

  6. A lot of people are affected by allergies, so I think your post is important.
    I am only allergic to penicilin, so I count my blessings. I have two cats, and two more are on their way to us this weekend, so I am happy as long as no one in our family is allergic to fur.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's A-word(Mrs.Jenny-Rd2)

  7. I have a son with allergies, so your positive list made me chuckle. I do think he managed to get out of some work as a child...mowing the lawn, for instance, was a job that always belonged to his brothers! And he could never do anything like dusting, of course.

    Still, I think he would trade those allergies away in a minute. As I'm sure you would!


  8. My son has horrible allergies that kept him in most of the spring and part of the summer.

    Glad you found the positive side of allergies.

  9. We've had a big fire out here this week and it's just killing me! My head hurts and my nose runs...


  10. This alphabe-Thursday is hilarious. I'm clocking up superlatives- you're the funniest A so far!

  11. I like the 'positive' list! My daughter uses it when it comes time to cut grass, her allergy gets in the way. On the other hand, I wouldn't wish the itching and watery eyes on anyone!

  12. Genie. Welcome to Alphabe-Thursday! It's so nice to see your happy blog linked this week.

    I really enjoyed this post. Twisting something that many perceive as a negative into something positive is a real gift.

    You have certainly given us something to think about with this wonderful perspective.

    Thank you for linking.


  13. wow, we could be living in the same house, LOL! I do have other "A" ailments(on top of allergies)...Arthritis, Asthma, (post-traumatic) Anxiety syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyper Active we count "Aging"? LOL

    Sorry to be so late!