Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Day Bed Thrifty Thursday

Today is the time we all post our Thrifty purchases with Leigh on Tales from Bloggeritaville. If you have not ever stopped by her blog, be sure to take a little time and pay her a visit.  There you will find a long list of thrifty buys which you will find fascinating.

Buddy and I wanted our little granddaughter, Eloise, to have her own bedroom when she came to visit her Baga and GrandBud, but over our many years of empty nesting, we had given away all of the small beds and turned other bedrooms into an office/crafting room, a library, and a small storage room.  I decided to advertise on our school system’s bulletin board for a twin bed, and before the dismissal bell rang I had a reply.  One of the teachers had this sturdy wooden day bed for sale for $35.00. We snapped it up, bought a new mattress for it, and it fits perfectly in what was once her daddy’s little bedroom. Now Eloise has herself the cutest little room filled with all her toys and books.


  1. I like day beds especially for girls. They have other uses than sleeping. I love the quilt you have on t.

  2. yay! A perfect bed for a little grandgirl. You made a sweet spot for her. here's to many visits to Baga's house! hugs to you dear...have a great weekend! I love the sunrise pics. in the above post by the way, so beautiful! Hugs,Mica