Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Alphabe Thursday ~ “D” and “E"

"D” Delinquent ~ Turned in Late

Dear Ms. Matlock,
   I am delinquent. Because of all of the Benchmark testing at our school last week, I did not do my “D” assignment. Doesn’t that sound familiar...I am no better than the kids!
   Please forgive me for not doing my homework. I know I have NO excuse. I have the choice to either do it or not, but I’d really appreciate it if you would not fail me this time.  I will try harder in the future to make a few more hours in the day so I can turn in to you on time. I will not tell you a fib and say my dog ate it...I did it...and I am very sorry.

Sincerely yours,

“E” Is for Eugenia

~Name: Eugenia
~Nickname: Genie
~Born: Florida
~Address:  Virginia
~Age: 71
~Status: Married
~Mother: Daughter - 47; Son - 45; Son - 39
~Grandmother: 5 Boys, 1 Girl, and 1 RED HEAD
~Education: Attended Emory University in Atlanta for Undergraduate and Graduate School
~Profession: Teacher: K - 2nd - 5th - 6th and SPED,and finally 6th Grade English until retirement
~ Retired: 1998
~Present Employment: Middle School In-school Suspension Teacher 
~ Things I love to do:  
        Traveling... have been to the British Isles, Belgium, France, Italy, Belize, 
                Bahamas, Mexico, and Costa Rica
        Reading... “fun” mysteries, children’s books, and prose
        Making Music...Play the fiddle, violin, piano, and church organ
        Art, music, opera, and theatre...but most of all MY FAMILY
        Sewing, quilting, knitting, spinning, and crafting
        Photography...I have fallen in love with my photography  
        Blogging: I started in February of 2010 and have and enjoy it SO much
        Being with My Best Friend...Weezie and I have been BFF’s for over 40 yrs
~Here is my Bucket List:
       See my first grandchild graduate from college & attend his wedding
       See all the rest of my grandchildren graduate high school & maybe college
       Have at least 1 great grandchild       
       Go back to England, Ireland, Florence, and Giverny one last time
       Learn to be a really good photographer
       Go Windsurfing
       Finish paying for our home the second time
       Once and for all, FINALLY get my house cleaned out and organized
       Go to nursing homes and write down family history for the elderly 
       Finish compiling my family history on both sides


This post is linked to Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe Thursday. It is a GREAT meme to be a part of each week. Go and check it out. You’ll LOVE it!


  1. I thought windsurfing was on your Bucket List! ;o}

    You like fun mysteries? Do you read the Stephanie Plum series? I love them.

    Have a fabulous evening, Genie! La

  2. Love your bucket all sounds note-worthy & fun~ except for the cleaning out & organizing the house :-)

  3. Wonderful E. The best you could have done. Thanks for sharing! I love fun mysteries also. Have stacks of series that I have to pick up the next one when ever it comes out. Usually come home with 3 at a time from B & N Books. The 1st in the new Bee Keeping series was a good one.

  4. Hi Genie. short for Eugenia eh?

    you cannot make time , you gotta take the time dear :p don't worry , be happy you did post this week anyway .

  5. What a great post! I love that bucket list. So cool to want to write family history stories at nursing homes.


  6. Eugenia sounds like a unique name, nice to meet you. hope you get to do all the things on your list

  7. I love that you go to nursing homes and write down family history for the elderly. This is such a great idea.

  8. You have the Perfect E Name for this Post, and it was fun to read all about you! Great Bucket List!

    We have some Loves in common...sewing quilting knitting...and I want to learn to spin. too!

    Fun post Eugenia!

  9. What a fun post!!! I got in trouble this week for forgetting an important appointment, so I know just how you feel!!

  10. what a wonderful bucket list ... but the organizing part ... do we ever get truly organized??? that's a tough one ... recording family history for the elderly ... that's brilliant and would actually be a very interesting thing to do!

  11. Love your post and your bucket list brings me back 6 years when my doc gave me 3-6mo's to live.. I took my sister and two girls on a cruise for some quality time together.. well, I'm still here...
    loved your post!

  12. great post for the letter E

    like that you take the time to write other people's stories for them, what a wonderful way for folks to treasure their memories

  13. what a fabulous list! I understand being delinquent too...I have been delinquent in my reading, shame on me!

  14. that's quite a bucket list :D
    i should list mine...but for sure i won't have windsurfing on :D

    a clever E post...

  15. Love your E post and all the fun facts about yourself!!

    If you ever get your house totally organized, let me know your secret!

  16. Eugenia - what a beautiful name! I enjoyed hearing all about you too! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy E Day!

  17. Love the bucket list. Love red headed grandchildren also!!!

  18. My son is a red head. Love red heads. Your bucket list looked great.
    I also teach and have done a million I totally understand why that would make you delinquent. :-)

  19. How fun! I loved getting to know a bit more about you.


  20. What fun to red all about you, Genie! Loved seeing your bucket list. :) Hope all your dreams come true.

  21. I like the post! You are very clever and entertaining! Happy weekend! Anne

  22. Oh you are too fabulous! I love your bucket list :) Very ambitious!

  23. I smiled when I read your link. My husband had an Aunt Eugenia and I have heard so many stories I was enchanted before I even opened your post for Alphabe-Thursday.

    I love your bucket list. And everything you shared here.

    What an interesting and fun stop!

    Thank you for linking.