Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rednesday in the Reading Lab

It is Rednesday and Iinking up with Sue over at It’s a Very Cherry World. Be sure to pay her a visit and look at all the “red posts” this week.

Today I decided to go down to Mrs. Woody’s room and take pictures of SOME of the red things she has in there.  Amy’s our reading specialist, a fabulous crafter, and a teacher who is always coming up with new and fun projects trying to make reading remediation fun. Her room is bright and filled with neat things. Here are just a few of them.

This is the cutest plastic chair that she covered with ladybug stickers. Who would have thought you could make such a cute little chair with stickers. I just could’t resist including  it a part of this post.

As always, Happy Rednesday to all of you.

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  1. I posted about using photo editing downloads today....next I'm going to trying "collage". I love the way you were able to show so much in so little space and is that chair cute, or what?

  2. Her room is really colorful and bright. The chair is certainly cute.

  3. Miss Woody must be a fun teacher :)


  4. Love that little chair...what a great idea...thanks for sharing...blessings

  5. Amy is so creative, when I was in secondary school, it was popular with stickers of flowers. Some of the students stuck them all over their bikes.

    Now in school, I give out stickers to my students. Some like to stick them on their tops, or books or sticker charts.

    I give out those which they like to say smelly stickers.

  6. Very cool & great for the kids. I love your pics !

  7. Hi Genie...

    Mrs. Woody's classroom brought back some great memories for me. I am a recently retired special education aide/teacher. I loved making our classroom a fun and interesting place to be. Doing the bulletin board each month was a favorite! Hehe! My, ohhhh my...what a unique and fun chair! I love it! Thank you for sharing Mrs. Woody's classroom and all that pretty red with us today!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  8. What a sweet tribute to your teacher friend. I love the chair she made. Happy Rednesday!

  9. sweet reds in the classroom...the chair is too cute, I would worry though if they all peeled off. hugs,Mica

  10. I never would have thought of the stickers on the chair. Great idea. Also love the craft room. Great reds!

  11. I would never have thought of putting stickers on a chair like that. Super idea and so original.

  12. What cute and creative ways to save money while decorating the classroom! A very fun Rednesday visit.

  13. Great ideas. I love the chair. Doylene