Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dorothy and Her Magical Red Slippers

Visit Ruby Tuesdays over at Mary’s “Work of the Poet, and Sue’s Rednesday at “Sue Loves Cherries” to see more interesting reds from around the world.


  1. is that you? If so you make a beautiful Dorothy.
    Thanks for your comment. I'm not to worried about my Mom. She does amazingly well with all these surgeries. I am worried about my Goose. She is just so little and it pains my heart to see her look so bad.
    And the cousin, that will be heartbreaking if it is anything big. Thanks.....you are just the sweetest person.

  2. I love the red shoes,
    Thanks for stopping by my blogsite, I have just started it so I'm pretty new at all of this.
    I'm planning on doing pink Sat. on my site too.
    I love the look of your blog and I am now a folloer.