Monday, November 8, 2010

I WON X 3!!!

     Last month I WON Vicki’s giveaway over at Cherry Chick. She sent me the cutest Mary Engelbreit package filled with green M.E. goodies and a precious little green pendant she made especially for me. Vicki is just the most talented jewelry creator I have ever known, and she is the sponsor of the meme, M.E. Monday. 
     Two weeks ago I bought a raffle ticket from my principal as I do every year to support his Lions Club annual fall fund raiser. I was really surprised when he showed up at school with a bag full of goodies for me. I WON two of the neatest, state-of-the-art squish/rubbery muffin tins (each one will hold 6 muffins) and a huge-state-of-the-art oven mitt. 
     Now, just a few minutes ago I found out from Angie over at Free Spirit Haven that I WON her CSN giveaway.  I cannot believe it, and I can’t wait to spend my moolah. This is all quite unbelievable considering the only other thing I ever won was a popcorn popper over 45 years ago while playing Bingo. Suddenly I have hit the jackpot 3 times in a row, and I am one happy camper. So, once again I want to say a HUGE “Thank You” to Vicki and Angie. You are both special GF’s that I would not have met and grown to know and love had it not been for my little Buttons for Baga blogging. 

                                                               THANK YOU!

For any of you who have not visited their blogs in the past, be sure to take a moment and pay them each a visit. You will be glad that you did.

              Angie’s Free Spirit Haven Blog             

                                                            Vicki’s Cherry Chick Blog


  1. That is so neat to read all the blessings that have been coming your way girl...WOW....That has been happening to me also these last few's soooooooooooo exciting,,lol.

    Thanks for the 'shout out' I'm still so floored how this worked out though eh? I mention you on Sunday and than find out on Monday your the winner...Love ya girl...Can't wait to see what you will get...

  2. How awesome Genie! You're a winner in my book everyday. How fun, though, to get a prize. Congratulations and keep up the winning streak.

  3. Run out and buy a lottery ticket. Feels so good to win. Enjoy.

  4. Congratulations!
    I love hearing that good people win great things.
    Be sure you use your CSN before the expiration date.

    Oh- and if I ever figure out what Santa holds, I'll let you know.

  5. Genie, you sure have had a stroke of luck, haven't you!

    I appreciate your comment on Rednesday today - my grampa was in WWI, dad was in WWII, an uncle in Korea, my niece's best friend was at Guantanamo, and a nephew guarded the border to North Korea.

    I've lived in Germany and Belgium and seen some of the war memorials there. I am so darn proud to be an American! I'm getting choked up just thinking about it!