Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Cookies at My Daughter’s in Maryland

These cookies were just too precious to eat, and there were this many more of them in the box.....absolutely amazing!


  1. How cute! I'm not patient enough to decorate cut-out cookies. I just slap some icing on them. :o) Happy New Year! La

  2. My goodness girl, I have been so worried about where you have been. Did I miss a post that said you'd be gone. I was worried, that's just the way I am.......sorry. I hope you had a great Christmas. Those cookies are so cute. On Christmas everyone came in our house and keep handing me pies and cookies and cupcakes.....and my poor gluten free belly was so sad. I grabbed some GF gnger snaps and some canned icing and iced those babies and put sprinkles on them....right there and then. My son and I ate those as the others chowed down on the real things.
    Wishing peace and joy to come your way in this New Year.
    Now get back to us soon, please.

  3. Okay, not sure my other post went through. I have worried about you. I hope your Christmas went well and you return to us soon.

  4. You can apply some sort of lacquer and preserve them.

    How was your Christmas?