Sunday, January 30, 2011

Red Is Everywhere

Today Bud and I went on a little hike up on the Blue ridge Parkway and then ended up in the little town of Goshen, VA, where we ate a late lunch at the local cafe. Click on the mosaic to enlarge.

1-Litter Box on Blue Ridge Parkway
2-Old building in Goshen ~ Betty’s Full Service Flower Shop
3-Genie in her red baseball cap with her two walking sticks trying to remain upright in the icy snow
4-One of my babies about to fly away as we were walking out the front  door
5-Signage at the Goshen Swinging Bridge
6-The letterbox we helped little Eloise find back in ’09. We all love letterboxing.
7-Rairoad track crossbars lowering as the train was about to come through Goshen
8. Some type of marker up on the Blue Ridge Parkway
8. Sign outside the Mill Creek Cafe in Goshen, VA

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  1. Great photos for your mosaic. Love the capture of your baby about to fly off.

  2. Love the little hits of red in each photo. Great job. Have a lovely week and take care.

  3. I enjoyed enlarging the mosaic and looking at all the photos - you packed a lot into it. Now I'm curious though - what is letterboxing? Am very curious!

  4. Cool photos!!! I feel like I accompanied you on a little road trip now!!! Have a wonderful week!!!

  5. That's mighty ambitious to hike up the parkway. Good for you.

  6. Great mosaic...just enough red in each one.

  7. Beautiful photos here. Thanks for sharing!
    Reb Bulb

  8. Fabulous work on these ones Genie, you are right, red is everywhere
    Hope you are having a lovely week my friend.
    hugs June

  9. It's funny how looking for a particular color makes one see it everywhere. Looks like a fun outing.

  10. Yes, red is all around. I love the winter when the stark preserve behind us gives a monochrome background to the bright red cardinals. Still... hoping for spring. Looks like we get some tomorrow with thunderstorms before plunging back in to the normal winter.

    Ruby Rainbow

  11. I love your collage, with just a touch of red in each!

  12. When you wrote "litter box" I was thinking "why is she posting a picture of a cat litter box?" LOL....then I saw your picture! ;-)