Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rednesday ~ 2-16-11

Here is a potpourri of shots from our trip this past weekend to Douthat State Park.

Eloise working on her handmade Valentines for her kindergarten class and teachers. 

You will note she is VERY serious about this endeavor.

Her Valentine Blanket from Baga

Her Pillows and Her Monkey

Eloise’s Red Water Bottle and Drawing
Baga (moi) is on the left, Eloise is next to me, her best friend, and Georgia, is on the right. The tree is full of cherries, and when I asked what the brown thing on the far right was, she was quick to tell me: “Baga, you know what that is. It’s the basket for the cherries. You can’t pick cherries without a basket!”  Guess she told me!!!!

Baga’s Suitcase, Scarf, Gloves, and Fleece Baseball Cap

Baga’s Computer Case 

And Finally....Bud’s Sherpa Hat with All of Its Red

I have linked up with Rednesday (sponsored by Sue Loves Cherries). Be sure to stop by  Sue’s blog to see lots of great reds from around the world.


  1. Well, that looks like a great trip!! Little girls are so serious about their work. I wish my boys could be that way.
    Love the luggage, too!
    Happy Rednesday.
    The Tattered Tassel

  2. Hi Genie,
    What a sweetheart!!! She was getting ready for Rednesday too!

    That is so neat that you've got pics of your dad at the parade!! Mardi Gras is really fun, but actually, the parade in our area is next week...so, it's soon--so fun!!!

    Happy Rednesday!!!

  3. What a sweet post. I love your bag. Red is my favorite. As for my kitchen, I feel like I do sleep in there sometimes. Not sure if that is good or not. Happy Rednesday!

  4. such fun! One of my earliest memories is making valentine cards when I was Eloise's age...I still love the smell of crayons the feel of sticky library paste!She looks so happy!

  5. Lots of pretty reds, but the prettiest pictures were of Eloise.

  6. Lots of great reds here today! Eloise is a little beauty, and I love your suitcase and computer bag!
    Happy REDnesday!

  7. I just love her facial expression as she is making that card. Loving all the red you have shared. Wanted to stop by to send some love beautiful lady!