Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tiny Ticker Tape Quilt

Those of us who are participating in Sara’s Scrap Swap have been asked to post an idea we might have for using scraps. Here is one I recommend highly. 

About a year ago I made a “Tiny Ticker Tape Quilt” for one of my dear friend’s granddaughter. Following the wonderful tutorial on Amanda Jean’s site, Crazy Mom Quilts, I used rectangular scraps from my scrap box. My sandwich was white flannel on the bottom, Heritage batting for the center, white flannel for the top, and then I stitched the little rectangular pieces on top of all three layers. The last thing I did was sew the binding around the edges and put the label on the back. Presto.....here is her dolly quilt. Click on “Tiny Ticker Tape Quilt” to see Amanda Jean’s tutorial, and click on my quilt to see it enlarged.


  1. sweet quilt...I love it. Hope all is well...Hugs,Mica

  2. What a simple idea, with pretty results! Grat job!

  3. In the tropics, until air conditioning was invented , everyone took a siesta, including the hippo.

  4. oh that is really cute~!!~

    i've been mulling over ideas that i could use to make a small piece for the AAQI site and this might be just perfect . . . i'm off to check out the link.