Saturday, November 23, 2013

It’s Present Making Time

 I am working hard making my Christmas Presents

Quilted Christmas Table Runner
The underside is a pattern which can be used all year round.
The lighting in my dining room is nada so will try again to get a better shot.

Inexpensive student composition book covered with fabric for use as  journal.

 Christmas table runner under construction.
The backing of this one is a batik.

 Four quilted hot plates under construction.

Two mores pieced squares to make into quilted hot plates.

Quilted Christmas tree wall hanging under construction.

A fall wreath with pinked ties knotted around a coil of medium wire covered with formal tape.


  1. Wow, you are so busy. I love everything. What a good idea making the other side of the runner for every day.
    Are you hosting Thanksgiving. If so don't over do it. Have a happy one. xo

  2. Look at all of your beautiful work!! I love sewing and quilting and enjoyed these pictures so much. I also wanted to let you know that I received your sweet owl and finally posted a thank you to you and all of the wonderful owl ladies! Sorry it has taken me a while. You are welcome to wonder on over and check it out. Thanks again and have a wonderful night, Holly

  3. What lovely makes and beautiful colours! Love that Christmas tree! Trying to make a lot of my Christmas presents too, think homemade is much more fun. Pam xx