Saturday, December 28, 2013

Slow Sunday Stitching

My daughter gave me the most wonderful quilting book for Christmas.
I would recommend it to anyone. I love it! 
Tula Pink’s City Sampler ~ 100 Modern Quilt Blocks.
(I have linked the title up with Amazon.)

The book is divided into six sections dealing with different types of blocks.
The first is crosses. The others are rectangles, triangles  stripes, squares, and Haiku. 
There are 14 different cross block patterns in the book.

On the left side page is a completed block.

On the right side page is the piecing order guide, recipes as to what size pieces to cut and how many, and room for notes.

 I am determined to make each of the 100 blocks over 2014.
 Here is what I have done so far...

 This is my interpretation of the book’s Block 5 shown above.
 It is hand pieced, and hand quilted for use as a coaster for my tea cup.

Back Side

The following three are my experimentation with the central cross pattern.

I was trying to see which I liked better...the dark background or the light ones.

This is another design with a floral cross and then the dark center cross.
I really like it.

I have had a wonderful 3 days playing with my fabrics, mixing and matching colors, and hand stitching. When the arthritis in my thumbs gets too bad, then I hit the sewing machine...but it is much more calming and soothing to hand quilt.

I also have followed the book’s suggestions and made myself a modified design wall. I took an old white board and affixed cotton batting to the cork side. The fabric blocks adhere to the batting wonderfully so I can see what I am doing. Easy Peasy! The problem is...where am I going to make one as the number of blocks increases?????? That’s gonna take some creative doing :-)

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  1. Great gift. I can't believe you have done all that already. I did a little quilting years ago. Wish I could start again.
    I hope Christmas went well. Guess what, I have started on your gift. Shouldn't take long. Have a good New Years. xo

  2. What a fun book. I was inspired by your post and immediately went to Amazon to order the kindle version. I've been looking for a new collection of blocks to make. What fun.

  3. I love your hand quilted coaster block....very pretty!
    Thanks so much for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching! Sending you wishes for a happy 2014!

  4. Sounds like you've been having fun with your book and blocks! I think my favorite is the yellow flowers in the center and darker background. Enjoy your new project!

  5. Can't beat a new quilt book for a Christmas present! :)

  6. I am glancing at this blog as I get chances. Did you know that you can take a flannel backed table cloth and hang it on the is the best design wall...Of course it is still not big enough for a full sized quilt...but it can do 60 inches wide easy. And I think it is approximately 80 inches long.