Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another Oops ~ WIP ~ 1-15-14

Rolling Squares with Another Flipped Section
Vintage Square Revival Block-Along

I thought I had completed my first four squares, but not so quick, Genie.  This one was by far the worst for me. I have no gray matter in my brain when it comes to math and geometric shapes and how to flip shapes one way or the other. Even after checking and double checking I still end up piecing them incorrectly and ripping out over and over again. I posted this last night and still did not see my error. My thanks go out to Suzie at Silly Goose Quilts for telling me the grim news. I will go in, rip it out, and fix it. Thanks you so much, Suzie, for telling me about it. This seems to be the story of my life. Now, I know why I did not ever do the complicated blocks you get with paper piecing. Guess today will be stop Red Cross block, rip this one VERY slowly, and restitch. My favorite nun in boarding school years ago told me if anything was worth doing at all, it was doing correctly and to the best of my ability. My goodness, how those words have stayed with me. 

Redone...How in the world did I miss that one???????

Back of Red Cross First Quadrant
This is way too many pieces for someone’s beginning attempts at paper piecing.

 First Quadrant of Red Cross Block

Left and Right Upper Quadrants 

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  1. Hi Genie,

    Your blocks look lovely - but I hate to tell you that it's still not right. I'm not sure from your post if you know that or not - if so please forgive me. The top middle block needs to be flipped around - again please forgive me if you know this already :)


  2. I have never seen that block before, I like it. Sorry you had to rip-not so fun! Just last week a friend was over to sew and I felt so bad for her, she kept making mistake after mistake, I finally helped her rip several long seams.

  3. Oh you are SO not alone Genie! I frequently do this! In fact, I recently had to do a rush baby quilt and had to tear apart and re-work 6 of the blocks for the same reason. I could just slap myself at times, LOL

  4. What is bad is if you stitch it wrong once, rip it out, then resew the wrong way...and even worse to do it a second time. I have did that...on a very simple block!