Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday ~ 1-8-14

 Vintage Quilt Revival Block-Aong

My book arrived on Monday so I have started my quilt blocks. This is a wonderful book which goes along with my 100 Modern Quilt Blocks beautifully. For the block-along, we are to complete two blocks a week for a total of 20 blocks.  I just finished my first one...
Oh, Happy Day!

Classic Double Z Block ~ Block #1
Keeping these blocks in the right direction for sewing was a major problem for me. I would flip the one on the right over on top of the one on the left, but somehow I would flip it again so I sewed the wrong sides together. Finally, I figured out a plan. Flip the 2 squares on each other and then take my purple marking pen and draw 2 arrows in the CORRECT direction and write the number to the row on my ironed out seam. worked. It took lots of ripping before I figured out a plan, but I did it. 

Here it is sewn together...

...and the front of my finished first square. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to force myself to use stash fabrics if at all possible, so that is what I did. The colors are more muted that they are showing up in this shot...way more vintage looking.

Now, I am ready to tackle block #2 which involves paper piecing...ugh....Classic Riviera Block

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  1. I love this block! I actually just finished piecing a quilt with this block and have it on my long arm now, I love your fabric choices!

  2. Nicely done! Your block looks great! And I'm with you, the fabric in the stash goes first!

  3. I love the designs you are using here, and the way you have balanced the fabric.