Tuesday, March 8, 2016

February 19, 2016 ~ More Red and Lots More Love ~ Art Journal

 Leave All Things and Come with Me.

Let’s Dance

~ Did you ever take tap dancing as a child?
~Did you ever wear a frilly outfit like this?
~I took tap and adored it, but never did I sport an outfit like this one.
She is oh, so cute.

Sorry I cannot seem to photograph my journal evenly. It seems like one side is always a bit cut off. Actually they are straight. These two are on pages side by side, but to photograph them together makes them so small you cannot read the letters. Both of these collages were made with some old papers I had for the backgrounds, common doilies, cut and paste, typing, and Kim Klaassen’s "Softly" texture. The little girl with the tap shoes came from Reminisce Magazine.

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