Sunday, June 26, 2016

6-26-16 ~ My First Attempt to Use PSE6 to Sketch

Yesterday when I was going through the blogs I love to visit, I went over to Sheila's
 Orange Esmerelda home. Her "fish" contribution to Mix It Monthly inspired me to open up my 
Photoshop CS6 and give painting a picture from scratch for the first time. It took me three hours to come up with these three pictures, but it was well worth the time. I learned about brushes and other things on CS6. Thanks, Sheila, for inspiring me to try something new. These are pretty rough with LOTS of room for LOTS of improvement, but I have taken my first baby step. I tried to create the feel of some drips and drops.

My Prissy Girly Fish

My Orange Fish in the Rain

My Blue Fish with Yellow

Sally Ann in the Flowers
After I finished my fish, I decided to try one of my little girls.


  1. Genie, these are marvellous, you must have a steady hand (much steadier than mine). I love their little fishy heart mouths and their decorated bodies. Prissy Girl fish has exactly the right expression for her name, Orange Fish is giving us the eye and Blue Fish looks rather cool.
    Sally Ann looks so friendly among the flowers and I like her hairstyle.
    I like the sea environments you have given the fishes too with the sea flowers and grasses.
    Great fun.

  2. Wow, your fishes are so enchanting! They all have its own personality but my favorite is the orange one!! I also love it, when they have a colored background and swim right over the seagrass! So amazing to do such cool art digital! I have never tried this on my own....I am addicted to glue and collage and this is something that I couldn´t do with this, haha ♥ Conny

  3. Dear Genie,

    your fish has become great, the orange lights especially beautiful.
    Have a pleasant week

  4. The fish all look fantastic, love the sweet details, it must have taken you ages to create these. The last page is lovely and Sally Anne looks so cute.
    Yvonne xx

  5. How fun and creative! I haven't figured out how to do digi art! You did a great job!

  6. All 3 are beautiful. You made a great job using the PS tools.
    btw: TCW = The Crafters Workshop. Ask Mr. Google :)

  7. I like the fishes....I think the last is my favorite.

  8. These are wonderful fishes, all with great personalitiy! I like the heart mouths too, they give them a special look! Sally Ann in the red dress is top!