Sunday, July 31, 2016

7-31-16 ~ It's Sunday and Barn Day at Tom's Barn Cooperative

Two weeks ago I posted pictures of my dear friend, Tracy's, old unused barn. I loved your comments where you could see that is was quickly going downhill. Well, you were right, and now I will tell you my secret. Those photos were taken probably 4-5 years ago...and what I had in my bonnet was to drive by now, take updated pictures, and post them for you. As I told you, she does not use that barn and it has continued to go downhill. Fortunately, as it was falling down, she found someone who wanted to buy some of the old boards to use with another barn. So.....these shots are what you see today...what is left. It was REALLY raining as I was taking the pictures so bear with me.

This is how the barn looked when I posted the older photo two weeks ago.
You all were right to be concerned about its future.

It was POURING cats and dogs as I drove up.
The funny squiggly thingies you see through the downpour is the barn today.
Needless to say...this was taken from inside the car :-)

And Here's What's Left

Look in the center of this shot. 
It looks to my to be a ghost of the barn rising from the ruins.

The remaining barn is being consumed by the trees and shrubs on the lot. I do not know if the gentleman is going to come and take away anymore of the wood, but I do know one day Tracy would like to sell her big old home across the road and build on this parcel. That would be wonderful for her. She and I taught school together from the time she graduated from college until retirement. She is the age of my daughter so you see...age doesn't make any difference between good friends.We have had some awfully good times together through the years.


  1. First off, how's the poison ivy? Oh how I wish that I could take some photos in the rain, it is mighty dry here. It's sad to loose a an old friend, but that all part of life. Thanks Genie for making The Barn Collective a part of your week and please stop back again.

  2. What a wonderful old falling down and better yet what a wonderful story.
    I too have a best friend the age of one of my daughters. We just get along perfect and have had so much fun together and then she got married and moved to South Dakota---but we remain friends.

  3. I am so glad that at least some of the lumber will be recycled into something new.
    Have a great week!

  4. The rain set the tone for the demise of this poor old barn. Glad some of it is going to be used.

  5. So glad you got a picture of the wonderful barn before it fell. I hope the wood does get reclaimed. It is so sad to see the barns of our country disappear.

  6. It is interesting to see the change. Thanks for braving the rain to show how it is now...

  7. I hope they take the rest. Barns have to require a lot of maintenance.
    Sorry you had poison ivy.
    Are you surviving the heat?

  8. Oh my! Poor old barn! Funny to think about it's ghost.