Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meet "The Hoots"

This November Debbie over at Cozy Blanket is sponsoring an owl swap. It is such fun to be a part of her swaps because she is so low key and anything goes. I decided to create "The Hoots", an owl family from out here on the creek. I wanted them all spiffed out in their Sunday best for Thanksgiving so here they are: Mr. and Mrs. Hoot - Odwin Hoot (awe-inspiring one) and Odeda Hoot (strong) - and their triplet daughters: Olesia (protector), Olethia (truthful) and Oseye (happy). Meet the family. Before long they will be flying away to another home :-)

 Mr. Odwin Hoot

Mrs. Odeda Hoot




All the backs have little hearts on them.