Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pink Saturday ~ 10-30-10

Please forgive me for being late, but we have been away from the house since Friday....WITHOUT cell  phones, TV, or computers. Every Halloween we go to Douthat State Park for a fall fling in the mountains of VA. So, here it is Sunday, and I am finally posting my Pink Saturday. It is a shot of our ONLY granddaughter sitting at the edge of Lake Douthat in her FAVORITE pink outfit.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alphabe Thursday ~ 10-28-10 ~ The Letter “F”

                                "F" Stands for Family Reunion Fun

This summer our family came together for one of our best family reunions ever. One son and his family flew in from the Pacific Northwest and my daughter and her family drove down from the Eastern Shore. My other son  his family, our best friend, Grand Bud and I were all from here in Virginia.

Sadly the trip had a tragic start. One of my granddaughter's cats was killed Friday night before we were all leaving on Saturday. There was time for a little funeral for our beloved Shirley who left behind her sister, Laverne and her sad family. Then we were off in a caravan...3 cars: 2 sons and their families in 2 cars, Grand Bud and me in a 3rd, and our best friend in a 4th.

All 16 of us had FUN in our BIG house
We had FUN playing in the ocean.
We had FUN playing inside.
We had FUN sitting, walking, and playing on the beach.
We had FUN eating.
We had FUN sightseeing.
We just had FUN being together.

It was absolutely the most wonderful week Grandma Baga and Grand Bud could ever ask for. Now we just have to wait 3 more years for the next seems like a long time now, but if it is like the past, the days, months, and years will fly by and suddenly we will all be together again.

Yes, "F" this week is for Family Reunion Fun!

Here are some of my favorite photos from this most memorable gathering.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Middle School Haunted Halloween

A Happy Red Halloween to all of you from the ghostly hall outside my room at the middle school.
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

M.E. Monday ~ 10-25-10

Mary Engelbreit’s little mini-book “She Who Loves a Garden” first with my precious little angel and then resting in the middle of what’s left of my beautiful little marigolds. The collage below shows a few of my favorite pages.

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Mosaic Monday ~ 10-25-10

North Mountain Hike ~ 10-23-10
Elevation at center: 2,290 feet (698 meters)
Rockbridge County, VA

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Macro Monday ~ 10-25-10

Rhododendron bloom on top of North Mountain
Rockbridge County, Virginia

Rhododendrons do NOT usually bloom at this time of year. We were awestruck to walk upon this as we were hiking down the path. AMAZING find!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Pink Saturday ~ 10-22-10

Close-Ups of Grandmother’s Quilt Top

Larger Section of Quilt Top

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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vintage Thursday ~ 10-21-10

Here is another piece of my old “love” jewelry belonging to my daddy. It is my grandfather’s defaced $50.00 gold piece.

 The front of the gold piece engraved with 1884.


The engraving on the back is "ERH."
The “H” in on top, the “R” is behind the “H,” and the “E” is made up of the top and bottom of the oval part of the “R” plus the curved line, that sort of looks like a fish, at the bottom.

Stay tuned for more little pieces of my interesting vintage family items.

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As always, Happy Vintage Thursday to all of you.

Alphabe Thursday ~ “D” and “E"

"D” Delinquent ~ Turned in Late

Dear Ms. Matlock,
   I am delinquent. Because of all of the Benchmark testing at our school last week, I did not do my “D” assignment. Doesn’t that sound familiar...I am no better than the kids!
   Please forgive me for not doing my homework. I know I have NO excuse. I have the choice to either do it or not, but I’d really appreciate it if you would not fail me this time.  I will try harder in the future to make a few more hours in the day so I can turn in to you on time. I will not tell you a fib and say my dog ate it...I did it...and I am very sorry.

Sincerely yours,

“E” Is for Eugenia

~Name: Eugenia
~Nickname: Genie
~Born: Florida
~Address:  Virginia
~Age: 71
~Status: Married
~Mother: Daughter - 47; Son - 45; Son - 39
~Grandmother: 5 Boys, 1 Girl, and 1 RED HEAD
~Education: Attended Emory University in Atlanta for Undergraduate and Graduate School
~Profession: Teacher: K - 2nd - 5th - 6th and SPED,and finally 6th Grade English until retirement
~ Retired: 1998
~Present Employment: Middle School In-school Suspension Teacher 
~ Things I love to do:  
        Traveling... have been to the British Isles, Belgium, France, Italy, Belize, 
                Bahamas, Mexico, and Costa Rica
        Reading... “fun” mysteries, children’s books, and prose
        Making Music...Play the fiddle, violin, piano, and church organ
        Art, music, opera, and theatre...but most of all MY FAMILY
        Sewing, quilting, knitting, spinning, and crafting
        Photography...I have fallen in love with my photography  
        Blogging: I started in February of 2010 and have and enjoy it SO much
        Being with My Best Friend...Weezie and I have been BFF’s for over 40 yrs
~Here is my Bucket List:
       See my first grandchild graduate from college & attend his wedding
       See all the rest of my grandchildren graduate high school & maybe college
       Have at least 1 great grandchild       
       Go back to England, Ireland, Florence, and Giverny one last time
       Learn to be a really good photographer
       Go Windsurfing
       Finish paying for our home the second time
       Once and for all, FINALLY get my house cleaned out and organized
       Go to nursing homes and write down family history for the elderly 
       Finish compiling my family history on both sides


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rednesday ~ 10-20-10

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An Apron for a Dear & Special Friend

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Macro Monday ~ Bud’s Baby

Bud’s Baby....His Hand Tiller

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Monday Mosaic ~ 10-18-10

Goodbye Time

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M.E. Monday ~ 10-18-10

Today is M.E. Monday sponsored by our Vicki over at Cherry Chick Jewelry.  Her blog is very special so stop by, pay her a visit, and then look at the posts for the other gals that love Mary Engelbreit like she does.

A while back I found my little M.E. lunchbox which was supposed to be holding all my M.E. paper dolls, but sadly the paper dolls were missing.  I searched and searched to no avail...not good. Last week I decided to go into our local gift shop, Sunday’s Child, to see the new M.E. calendars that had arrived.. Well, I hit the jackpot. Before Lucia, the owner, discarded all the M.E. magazines she had not sold, she pulled out the paper dolls and put them in a box marked with “$1.00 per sheet". Well, I smiled nicely and asked her if she would make me a deal if I cleaned her out. She asked if  25 cents each be OK?DUH....come on, Lucia....what do you think? Well, I took them, and she put them all in a bag and rang them up with get this 30% discount off the total price because of my Chamber of Commerce card... we have one because my husband works at our local “outfitters” store. I went out of there a happy camper with a bounce in my step.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pink Saturday ~ 10-16-10

My thanks to all of you who visited me last week. Your many comments were so appreciated. Forgive me for not answering all of them, but with major testing going on all week at my school, I was just too tired to get online in the evenings. Thank goodness it is over for a while.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rednesday ~ 10-13-10

Weekend before last my husband and I went to the annual fall festival at Cyrus Hall McCormick’s farm and homeplace out in Steeles Tavern, VA. There was so much RED there I couldn’t believe my eyes. All the equipment was painted a bright, pristine red...absolutely breathtaking!  If  you need me to jog your memory, Mr. McCormick invented the “reaper” which revolutionized farming in America. Before his reaper, our country depended upon manual labor to cut down the fields of grains. To learn more about his invention, go to this Wikipedia entry. Another interesting fact is Mr. McCormick and Abraham Lincoln were both born a few days apart...Lincoln on  February 14, 1809, and McCormick on February 15, 1809.

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