Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My New Blog Design

For months I’ve been trying to decide how I wanted to make my blog original and REALLY my own. I played around with different templets on Blogger, but nothing really had the spark I wanted. I tried downloading some free templets I found online, but those, too, did not feel right. Finally, I decided to return to the site I found earlier and thought was the most creative and appealing of all I’d researched... Aqua Poppy Designs, and the designer is Chelsea Stevenson. She offers many wonderful and free designs to be used with the Blogger Minima templet, but she also gives you the option of special design packages in all price ranges which she will create for you. This is what I finally decided to do, and it was the best decision I have made since I first decided to have my own blog. Chelsea was absolutely wonderful. I came up with the basic colors and overall feeling I wanted to invoke, and she took it from there. Her wait time was about two weeks, but once my name got to the head of the queue it took about a week to complete. We’d email back and forth, and she tweaked things until I finally felt we had exactly what I wanted. She answered all of my many questions and helped me with my decision making. It was a wonderful experience, and I would recommend her to anyone wanting an extremely talented and creative person to help design your one-of-a-kind personalized blog. I did not have the computer background skills to do it myself, but she did. I am so happy with the end product, and should I want to make changes in the future, I will go right back to her. Visit Chelsea’s site and study her designs and options. Her prices are certainly fair and well worth your investment. She was wonderful, and I am a very happy, satisfied customer.


  1. Thanks, Colleen...I think it turned out pretty cute, myself. I knew the color scheme I wanted, but it is Chelsea I have to thank for putting it all together for me.

    APRIL 7, 2010 6:05 AM