Thursday, April 8, 2010

Little Dresses for Africa

While visiting some blogs the other night, I stumbled upon the most special site entitled "Little Dresses for Africa.” I kept reading and reading and looking and looking. It touched my heart in such a way that I just had to right then become a part of the family of seamstresses making these adorable little dresses for the children of Africa, Haiti, and other needy countries. I couldn’t find a new or lightly used pillow case, but in my quilting stash I discovered a yard of what I thought to be an African-looking print....just enough to make my first dress. I used a pillow case for my “go-by-pattern” and started sewing away. With every stitch I became more enamored with the project and began immediately thinking about what I was going to use for my next little dress. Should you want to make one or several for yourself or for charity, all the information you need is on the “Little Dresses for Africa" home page. There are good directions and some pictures showing you what to do and a chart for sizing your dresses. I completed my “practice one” today, and I cannot wait to start my “real one” for charity this weekend. Another site that has a tutorial which is followed by a link to some precious pictures is “Rostitchery.” If you just go to Flickr and type in “pillow case dresses” you can see some out-of-this-world creations.


  1. The little dresses are awesome. Everyone looks so cute and proud of what they are wearing!

  2. I you understand why I am so driven to start sewing.

  3. For someone with chronic iron have more energy than anyone I know !! Genie,you are awesome, loving, and sensitive. What a beautiful blog of caring and nurturing with every stitch.
    ~ Claudette