Saturday, May 8, 2010


                           Homegrown farmyard/chicken house eggs

Farm fresh sweet peas just picked this morning

Farm grown beef raised about 15 miles from our house and processed here in Lexington, VA

                 Homemade beeswax made by a friend of mine who has bees

    Our local farmer’s market is finally open and at a beautiful spot - the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA. With the regal horses walking in the background it is a picturesque location. Not only did I find healthy, homegrown meat, eggs, vegetables, and plants, I got to see old friends and the parents of students I taught in midde school in years past. What a great morning I had getting caught up on all the news.  For years Lexington had its own slaughterhouse and then the owners closed it and used the building for other things. Now, it has reopened....YEAH! Note the eggs. A year or so ago I saw the neatest photo of these “colored” eggs at Flickr pokeypatch posted by what I call “a real photographer.” It is the cover shot for her “Explored” set. At first I thought they were hand colored...well, I think not.  The green ones leave the chickens that color naturally.  I had already bought a dozen regular free range, no antibiotics and chemicals chicken eggs, but I could not resist getting these mixed colored ones to show my husband.  Next Saturday can’t come soon enough for me.  The only difference is I will get there earlier before everything is picked over. Welcome to the homegrown, local, and organically grown food on its way to our table. Oh, and the funny little round tan’s homemade beeswax made by my friend, Catherine.

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