Thursday, June 24, 2010

Genie’s First Thrifty Thursday Purchase

     While living through another of my “Sleepless in Seattle” nights a few nights ago, I came across Leigh’s blog over at Tales from Bloggeritaville.  She is quite the nifty thrifty gal with a huge group of bloggers following  her Thrifty Thursdays.  Go to her blog, and you can read all about it.  She and her friends post their thrifty purchases for the week each Thursday, and they are so neat.  This week is #71 so I am a tad bit behind the chase.  

After a trip to the doctor, I went to our local “antique mall”.....actually a bit of a junk, flea, collectables, and antiques in our old Rose’s building.  Being a lover of the anything old, for me I hit the jackpot today.  I had to do a bit of haggling, but I got these two precious embroidered and appliqued linen handtowels for $1.00 each, and finally got the price on the metal flower cart down to $10.00.  I really felt lucky about it because they are alway priced way out of what my thrifty wallet allows. After a stop off at WallyWorld and the purchase of some $2.00 plants, I drove home quite the happy camper. Now, I have ME Mondays (the ME stands for Mary Engelbreit) over at Cherry Chick’s blog, Rednesdays at It’s a Very Cherry World, and Thrifty Thursdays.  This is going to be one fun summer!


  1. Girl! $10 for that plant stand!? I'm so envious of you...awesome.
    With all this blogging you are gonna be very busy this summer, too. Good for you, I say. Keeps you off the

  2. You are tooooo fast for me. Can’t believe I just uploaded this post and you have already read it....little Miss Speedy Magreedy!!! Can you believe I found one for Thursdays!?!?!!?!? I need to stop having these "Sleepless in Seattle" nights. They are getting more and more dangerous! Genie