Monday, July 5, 2010

Kathy’s Wonderful Giveaway

Over at Kathy’s beautiful blog named “A Delightful Life" you will learn all about her GREAT giveaway of Victoria inspired items. You can click on her button in my sidebar, and you’ll fly non-stop directly to her site. I cannot get over how lovely all of her things absolutely beautiful collection. The giveaway will be running from July 5th through August 3rd so stop by, pay her a visit, read her lovely blog, and enter her giveaway. The person who wins is going to be a very LUCKY gal!

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  1. Mrs. Robinson

    I was very happy with their presence on my page.
    The nature, flowers, trees, rivers, animals, are in my soul.
    I taught Biology and Chemistry for 23 years.
    At age 46 I left the classroom. I retired with problems of stress and depression. But God walks with me.

    I want the road is always full of light.