Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Lexington Fourth of July 2010

Buddy and I had a wonderful 4th today.  This morning we ran errands, cleaned out our barn and horse stall, worked in the yard planting more marigolds and picking up fallen branches and twigs, went into town to see the tethered hot air balloons' lighting firing up in pitch black darkness, and got to see two of our grandsons out at camp Maxwelton,  Finally, we came home to watch the DC 4th of July Celebration on PBS and the annual Boston Pops show. Here are some photos from our day.

I do not do a lot of decorating anymore but did put out a few little things to make our house look a bit festive.  On the left  is uur little kitchen table which was given to us by the mother of one of my former students, and the picture on the right are my decorations on our dining room table.  

VA flag, American flag,and VA Horse Center Flag                  Flag Flying at VMI

These are two of the many hot air balloons on the parade ground of Virginia Military Institute last night in total darkness.  They were tethered and then lighted up for the audience to enjoy.  We had a great time watching them.                                                                                           

Here flies our VERY, VERY old American flag which I refuse to part with hanging from a column on the front of our house. The thought of having to burn it breaks heart so I patch it up where it fits through the wooden pole and keep on going! Here’s hoping all of you, my blogger friends, had a wonderful holiday in the company of loved ones.  It was certainly a special day for Buddy and me.

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