Monday, July 26, 2010

Rainbow Around The Block Phase II Complete

As you all know I am taking part in the “Rainbow Around The Block” charity quilting project sponsored by Anna Maria Horner for the flood victims of Tennessee.  We all sent in our first 2 blocks on July 1, and second set is due August 1, and the last ones are due September 1.  That way Anna, along with her many kind and loving friends, will be able to assemble all of the quilts so the needy recipients can have them in time for cold weather. The pattern for the squares is Isabela’s Argyle Quilt Block. Each of my squares is made from Amy Butler fabric and consists of four 7 1/4 inch squares cut on the diagonal one time and then on the diagonal one more time yielding 16 triangles.  It is a wonderful pattern, very easy to follow, and I really like the colors and prints of fabric.  I was so careful this time to cut the squares to the correct measurements and then to cut the diagonals as evenly as possible. Before I went to sew the triangles together,  I used some wonderful adhesive called “505 Adhesif Temoraire Polyvalent" made in France instead of pins to hold the designated pieces together, and it is the greatest thing since Santa Claus.  The can was pretty expensive- I paid full price for it - butyou can find it for $12.99, and it will certainly made sewing your seams so much easier. If you would like to see photos of all of our quilt blocks, go the the "Rainbow Around The Block" Flickr Group Pool site.
Here you see I used the same fabrics for each square but in a different configuration.

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance."
~St. Francis of Assisi

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