Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blogger Break - Family Reunion at the Beach

Yes, we made it safe and sound....from Bainbridge Island, WA, Chestertown, MD, Richmond, VA, and Lexington, VA, all the way to Sanrbidge, VA.  We are here and in a beautiful home right smack dab ON the beach, and what a luxury this is! It rained all night, but I got this shot after daybreak.  More will follow.  It has been three LONG years since I had all of my children and grandchildren together with me all at one time. The sun is coming out, and I am VERY happy Baga.


  1. Have sooooo much fun. I have not ever had my entire family together. I wish for that alot. So take lots of pictures. Recruit someone from outside the family to get you all in them. ((((HUGS)))

  2. It's time to stop and smell the Sea Salt. How wonderful for you and your family...enjoy!