Monday, September 20, 2010

An Afternoon Visit to Bubbling Springs

This afternoon after work Buddy and I took a little trip out to Pad’s Creek and Bubbling Springs for me to have some quality time with my camera.  It is a 30 minute drive from the house over a horrible washboard rutted out dirt road, but once you survive the ride you find yourself in a magical and isolated spot out in the middle of the woods.  The water bubbles up from underground springs, and you can stand there in the middle of it with little bubbles popping and dancing all around your feet.  It is such fun and has been one of our favorite spots for 39 years. 

Buddy snapped this shot of me balancing on a little rock with his little Canon Point and Shoot is very shallow, thank goodness.

This is how the entire little area looks....lots of bubbling waters and lots of pebbles and rocks.

There is an abundance of watercress which we pick sandwiches in spring and fall.  It is much better on a BLT and lettuce in my book.

Whatever falls stays where it falls, and the moss and lichens grow and flourish.

The most fascinating part of our visit to the springs is always the water forming what I would call concentric circles as it is bubbling away amidst the fallen leaves and pebbles.  Neither one of us fell in which was a very good falls meant going home with a dry, working camera!


  1. What a wonderful place to explore. I enjoyed this sequence of shots very much.

  2. What a beautiful place!!! Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. How fun that you can feel the little bubbles around your feet!