Sunday, September 19, 2010

M.E.Monday Is Here Again

Once again, I came upon a little M.E. treasure when I was working upstairs in my office today.  The only problem was what was supposed to be inside of it was not. I guess it is just another Senior Citizen Brain Freeze. This is my treasured lunchbox in which I kept all of the M.E. paper dolls I had cut from her magazines all the years I subscribed to them. It was hidden back behind some books on one of our library shelves.  When I discovered it, I about flipped out I was so happy.  But when I opened it a BIG surprise was there awaiting me. NO PAPER DOLLS......

SURPRISE, SURPRISE as Gomer would say. I found Eloise’s little china antique tea set I got for her a few years back.  I’m assuming I took the paper dollsout and put them somewhere where they would be safe until she grew into them.  Sadly, I do not have a clue where that could be.  I searched all the many bookshelves to no avail. There is no sense fretting about it....they will turn up sooner or later, and then maybe they won’t. Either way I have the lunchbox and that makes me very happy.

Now here is my MOST SPECIAL part of this post.  Vicki from Cherry Chick sent me one of her resin M.E. pins.  When I got the mail on Saturday I almost flipped out I was so excited.  Am now in the process of trying to decide what to wear to work tomorrow so everyone at school will see it.  Look at her pin, but look at the back of it, too.  The way she mounted the clasp is so neat and clean.  When I do it with the glue gun, it always looks a mess.  Oh, to be so talented.  Thank you, Vicki, my dear Floridian pal and friend. I love my present.  Hope you had a great trip to Lake George, and we will see your posts again VERY soon.

And now for all you out there who have not participated in Vicki’s M.E. Mondays, here is the link to her Cherry Chick blog.  Be sure to stop by and see all the goodies posted by those of us who continue to love and adore the work of M.E.  I think you could call us her “tried and true, devoted and faithful” followers.


  1. Genie, I'm so happy for you that you found your lunch box. That little tea set is too cute for words. Do I see a tea party in the near future? Hope so!

    The pin is darling. Wear it tomorrow! ~ Sarah

  2. Sorry you can't find your paper dolls! But that little tea set is very sweet!

  3. Genie,
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment. I'm now your newest follower and your blog is so cute!! I've had fun looking at so many things :) Your lunch box is just adoreable!!! Have a great week sweetie!


  4. I have that lunch box too! I put my ME magnetic paper dolls in there. I said that I bought them for Baby Bee but I won't ever let her play with them without my supervision. I think that means I really bought them for ME! I know your paper dolls will turn up! Soon I hope! Mine are still in all my magazines. And yes - true confession here - I still have ALL of the magazines.

  5. I enjoyed your post today very much. It is sometime a big surprise we find we start cleaning or digging around. I will visit Vicki's M.E. I have not participated in that one.