Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Banner Is Flying High!

I did not forget the camera today so here it precious banner from Elizabeth at Creative Breathing.  It is so special to have something made for me by a friend that I can enjoy each and every day.  You will notice I hung it so I can see it from the desk or from my rocker....shrewd move wouldn’t you say!  I had 4 children today, and they all commented on it. Since I am always calling the room “my closet”, I thought I would include some photos for you all to see.  It is VERY small, and there are times when I have as many as 8 in there at one time!

Bookcase as you walk in on the left...

The 4 stalls on the the left...2 students were in there when I took photo...

View of entire more stall behind the rocker,  a table/2 seater to right of rocker, and another large desk facing my desk...

 Here you see my desk and the banner...behind it is the tall file cabinet and another table against the wall which holds my fridge and microwave.  I do not get to leave for lunch because students have “working lunches” in there with me. Basically, I am in there from 8:00 till 3:05.  Thank goodness there is a teacher’s restroom directly in front of my door so I can get there quickly and get back quickly!

The room is terribly small empty and even smaller when it fills up with children, but it has been my home away from home for 5 windows and a door that remains shut to keep the other students changing classes from disrupting my little charges.  Having the banner in there has really helped perk up the place.  The table is full of ME stuff so that helps, too.  Now I am thinking about hanging one of my quilts either behind my desk or on the wall behind the rocker.  It is red and blue so that would help a little bit more. 

Once again, I want to thank Elizabeth from the bottom of my little old lady heart.  I love my banner, and my kids love it too.  It has a wonderful new home. Many thanks, my friend.

"There are big ships and small ships. But the best ship of all is friendship.”
~Author unknown


  1. What a nice gift. That Elizabeth is such a sweet crafty lady.
    Yes, you need some ME to brighten that room. The quilt would be nice as well.

  2. that surely brightens the such a cold room. I think it is great that you are giving it such will help you and the children there feel like it is a homey place and surely pass the time quicker. Keep it up... more decorations!!!! Thanks also for the encouraging words today from my post... i hope it gave you reason to keep a smile on your face... Many hugs,Mica

  3. Genie,
    Your room doesn't look anything like the room I ever was in for suspension! Yours is way too nice!!!! I love you Elizabeth basnner, I was lucky to ge a FALL one, it is in my entry way! Doesn't she do the best work???? Just love it! Sandy

  4. Genie, Cute as can be in your poor empty closet! You have made my day, I can't tell you enough. Beware if you have used tape, your banner will soon fall - very heavy I know from my own experience. I am so glad it has found a good home. Thank you again for accepting it! Elizabeth

  5. What ages do you teach in Middle School?Im afraid I would feel too claustaphobic(sp?)if I were to work in your space.

    Have a good one Genie..x

  6. Eliizabeth.....I used a SMALL glue probably going to get into trouble with the custodian for doing it that may hurt the paint. It is tooooo late now! Did not use much because i wanted to be able to take it down in June without hurting the Scotties. I LOVE IT!

  7. Chook...I am a retired 6th grade English teacher and now only keep the in-school suspension room. No more grading papers for me!!! Somedays I go bonkers in there when it is full of is really a tight space and having NO windows makes it rough. I do make it an accepting and safe haven for the students who get sent to me and the banner really perked it up.

  8. Great banner - so colorful. Hope all is well.