Friday, September 17, 2010

Climbing the Digital Mountain One Step at a Time

Yesterday I launched a new blog, Climbing the Digital Mountain, the purpose of which is to show the day by day efforts on my part to learn how to properly use my Canon Rebel XSi digital camera and its three lenses. Someday it is my hope I’ll be able to take pictures like the ones I see on the different blogs I follow and on Flickr.  It is easy to set the dial to “automatic” and then snap my picture.  The camera does all of the hard work for me. Instead,  I want to learn how to do it the “hard” way...using the non-automatic settings and getting a quality photograph for my efforts.  After seeing Claudia’s blog she named “Through a Lens Daily”, I decided it would really be neat to do what she is doing and post one picture a day as a way of documenting my journey up that digital mountain. I hope you all will follow along with me as I climb towards the summit sharing your thoughts and criticisms.

Light Dancing on Water
Goshen Pass
Lexington, VA


  1. You go girl! I tell you it is hugh learning curve as I am travelling that hill and can barely see the top. Good luck to you.

  2. Beautiful Genie! I love playing with photography, althought I probably need a better camera if I'm going to be serious about it...

    I'm "working" all weekend too after I deliver this blanket (the one I made last night) to the baby shower. It was a fun & easy blanket once I parked my caboose behind the sewing machine!

    Thanks for stopping in, I always love your comments!