Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Genie Joins the Watery Wednesday Following

Since I absolutely love the water, it is only fitting that I would find another theme day called Watery Wednesdays. Since becoming so enamored with my Canon Rebel camera, I have been searching out photography themed blogs, and that is how I came across this wonderful one.  Stop by and look at the entries. They are really impressive.

This picture was taken at Sandbridge Beach, VA, three weeks ago at our family reunion.  I was tickled to death when I saw how I’d captured the movement of the waves with the clouds floating close behind.  We had the most beautiful 7 days you could imagine...the week before the hurricane came up the east coast. PErfect timing!

I was amazed when I visited the blog for the first time today and saw how many talented photographers were taking part in the postings.  I am really exciting about joining in with them though I feel like I have a long longs ways to go to be able to show pictures as beautifully composed as theirs.  I am truly a novice.

So to all of you who are a part of this group, a Happy Watery Wednesday to all of you.


  1. That is a stunning photo! I love how the rolling clouds echo the movement of the waves, and the blues are wonderful. Great post...:)

  2. hello, Genie. thank you for droppin' by my site and leaving a comment. truly appreciate it. i'm glad you enjoy the scenes from the Philippines.:p

    i don't what the problem is, but i couldn't download your photos here. i will return later to see your watery shots.