Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gene’s SPCA Babies Are Finally Home


If these pictures do not convince you how wonderful it is to adopt an SPCA baby, I do not know what will.  Gene, my 39 year old son, Patricia, and 5 year old Eloise decided they needed to do ahead and get another kitten to replace Shirley who was killed the day before we all left for the big FR.   He wanted a kitty from home and not from Richmond so went online where he immediately fell in love with Bush Baby,  now affectionately known as BB Vegas. Last weekend  the three of them drove here to Lexington and directly to the SPCA where they got to meet the little gray, yellow, and orange mix kitten and immediately knew she was the perfect girl for them.  But the story does not end there.  Within a little bit they discovered a very young gray kitten with black stripes who was sitting in a cage with her siblings looking at them with one of those looks that says....”Please take me, too!” In an instant one kitty turned into 2, and she got the name of Nibbles Star Bubble...Eloise came up with the Star Bubble and the vet nicknamed her Nibbles because she wanted to nibble on her toy the whole time she was there for the surgery. They are absolutely the cutest things you have ever seen.  Nibbles wants stay in your arms constantly being cuddled and petted where BB Vegas would rather be snooping about and being a bit mischievous.  Friday afternoon Gene drove back over here and picked up the babes who were both spayed and been given their first round of shots, and then after a brief rest here at the house turned around and drove back to Richmond.  Now they are living happily every after adopted by a loving family who will give them the best care any two little orphans could ever want. As best I remember....that is the way those old stories are supposed to end.

Adopting is not the easiest thing to do, and it definitely is not cheap if you want young female kitties. The adoption fee per cat is $60.00, and then  you have to fill out a multi-page application with your vet’s name and references. Literally, it is like signing your life away, but we certainly understand where the SPCA is coming from. I was awed by the number of animals their staff is lovingly caring for and what a mammoth job that is.  I do not know how they do it, to be honest. Since Gene was living out of the county, he was required to have the surgeries performed here before being allowed to take them back to Richmond to their own vet.  In the end the adoption came to over  $300.00.  If they had wanted cats that had already been spayed it would have been far cheaper, but they wanted kittens so Eloise could grow up with them. The entire process was long and costly, but Mom, Dad, and big sister are very, very happy....and so are Baga and GrandBud.

    THE END.....



  1. Sweet. Eloise is going to have fun. Love that name.
    It isn't cheap to adopt pets. Our doggie came from the pound and brought Parvo with him. We love him dearly.

  2. Right...just the Beginning of a wonderful life filled with the unconditional Love from Cats. You always have someone to talk to with a cat in your home.
    Dear Genie this is an awesome story. I'm so proud of Gene and his family for taking in these two deserving creatures. I say it was meant to be and I'm sure Eloise will love them dearly.
    What a wonderful Sunday post you have shared with us all. Hugs and Thank You, Vicki

  3. hey Genie,
    how are you doing dear ,its being long time we visited each other .
    its nice to know that you are having great time ,specially with BB... she is a real cutie .
    i so much long to have a kitty tooo ..... dont know when ?
    hey just drop in some time .

  4. What a wonderful story! So glad these two babies now have a good home. :)