Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Beautiful Thursday Through the Lens of a Camera

There are not many early mornings as beautiful as today’s, but this one was so special I had to stop and take a few photos.  Every morning I leave the house just before 7:00 and go to our school’s central office and pick up the mail.  From there I drive out onto a state road and then onto the interstate for the almost 30 mile drive to my school.  Today when I pulled into our two laned Route 60, I was awed by the beauty in front of me and just had to stop and take some pictures.  The other folk on the road were not too happy with me jumping on and off the road, but I was a determined old gal.

You can see these beautiful mountains from my old middle school which after consolidation became the central office for Rockbridge County Schools.  Back in those days I only drove 5 miles to get to work.....I didn’t know how good I had it. Now I drive almost 30 miles one way! This is the same mountain range but from a different angle.

Here is the view from my school on the other end of the county when I arrived around 7:45. As you can see, it is a rural school surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  It is a gorgeous setting for a school...the tragedy is we are on the chopping block to either move into town to be combined with the another middle school from where I retired, or to a brand new school which would be built to hold both schools. Either way, I doubt I will make it that long.  Once I turn 72, it will be time to begin to seriously consider REALLY retiring!

Once inside my closet “cellblock”, I decided to make some colorful additions to perk it up a little bit more.  First I added another M.E. placemat left over from my birthday party back in February.  But I didn’t stop there.  A friend of mine who own a precious gift shop in Lexington have me a packet of M.E. Queen thank you notes.  Well, I put one of those on each side of the placemat.  Guess what????  I didn’t stop there.

On the old blackboard which I do not use, I hung the a red and blue I made before returning to work.  As you all know, I really LOVE red!!!

My next move was to hang my red, white, and green pique wall hanging on the door leading into the other half of the “closet” which houses the main system for the computers for our school. I made it one summer when I went to Arrowmont Craft School in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and it is one of my old favorites.

Adding all of this red to the room left my rocker pretty bland, so I hung a cotton quilt my son gave me years ago over the back, and I placed my red plaid back pillow on the seat for my back.

Even though I brought this in several weeks ago, I decided to close the post with Buddy’s and my favorite alarm clock which sits on my desk.  He and I are avid New York Yankees fans, and I bought this clock for him years ago during a visit to Ledgends Field in Tampa, Florida, but I took it off to work with me because the it is so funky.  When the alarm goes off, it yells out things like, “Gone, it’s a home run!” It’s programmed to say about 5 different things.  My principal allows me to call my BFF each day at 11:00 to be sure she is o.k. After 2 strokes, RA, and osteoporosis, I fret about her all the time.  He is really kind and understanding to allow me to touch bases with her each day.  When the alarm goes off, the kids get the biggest kick out of it.  My return offenders know I am calling Weezie, and as soon as I hang up - after about 2-3 minutes - they always want to know how she is doing.  I have multiple photos of the two of us on my desk so they all know who she is. 

You can see from this post that no matter how plain and drab a room can be, with a bit of tender loving care you can easily put a new face on it and make it much more enjoyable for the folk who spend time in it.


In closing,  I want to share 1 last picture with you.  When I got home and was walking up to the front porch of the house, right to my left was the most beautiful single butterfly chowing down on one of our few marigolds still in bloom.

 Like I said at the beginning of the entry.....



  1. Genie, The view of your drive is pretty... I reallly do love what you are doing in your class room. I bet it cheers the kids and you having to be there all day. I love the choices you made of course you can't go wrong withME is so cheery. also wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving the sweetest and heartfelt comment on my blog regarding me homeschooling. it has really worked for our family and blessed us immensly. I wouldn't see it any other way. Thank you for being so supportive and encouraging. I really am so blessed to have met you through blogging. Your so sweet! You too are doing an honorable service working with children... Hugs to you, Mica

  2. thing ya know you'll be moving your bed into your "cell". I love how you are making it homey. When I had an office people smiled at how I made it mine with my personal decorations. It's only fitting if we have to spend eight hours of our day there, right?

  3. I agree with you, your Thursday turned out to be very nice. I enjoyed your lovely photos and glad the traffic was not too hard on you. Sometimes they are just plain rude. They do not understand, we have to do whatever for our blog.