Friday, September 24, 2010

Pink Saturday at the Quiltery

Once again I am hooking up with  Beverly’s Pink Saturday.  All week long I have been thinking about what pink I wanted to post so here it is...fabric from my favorite quilting shop. Everyone taking part in this meme is asked to visit the blog of someone on the list has never visited before.  I chose Betty at She’s Sew Pretty. Her blog is whimsical and fun to read.  Pay her a visit.  I know you will have a great time.

Since school started I have not had the time to quilt, and now I am finding that I’m going through some serious withdrawal.  Yesterday was the turning point...I just couln’t stand it any longer.  On my way home from work, I stopped at our precious little quilting shop called “The Quiltery.”  It is manned by  the sweetest lady, Maureen, and the members of the quilting guild take turns helping her out. Going in there is so therapeutic after a day with the kids no one wants in their classes because they are so disruptive.  It is quiet, happy, small, and cozy, and I am surrounded by color, texture, and beautiful quilts and other quilted items on the walls. Yesterday I left with a bag filled with Halloween fabrics and a magazine entitled Quilting Arts Gifts. It was so filled with wonderful ideas I  had to return today for MORE fabric....NOT GOOD for the old pocket book!  After that I headed to our local wine shop to look for cigar boxes.  For a donation to the SPCA which I was more than me happy to make, I went home with 3 beautiful boxes in perfect condition. I’ve gotta have the cigar boxes for Debbie’s box swap though you do have the choice of using a jar.  If you are interested in participating, here is the link to her page and all of the information:

The fabrics on the right are just miscelaneous ones Maureen had on her shelves, but the ones on the left are mostly Amy Butler ones...some of my favorites.

As always, I hope all of you have a happy Pink Saturday and a wonderful and relaxing weekend.


  1. Hi Genie. Please don't be mad that I am giggling right now. Your linkage goes to my blog but you listed Cozy Little House. I wish that is where I lived hah. I am honored that you called COzy Blanket - Cozy Little House.
    Good for you finding the boxes. You want to be in the swap more than once.....I am thinking of doing 2 myself. We have 7 so far, yippee. Hope your foot is better.

  2. All of those pink shades are fantastic. I could really get lost in there. (I guess you really needed it).
    Happy Pink Sat.

  3. How sweet! Thanks for featuring me! If you read my blog for long you'll know that I love, love fabric!! We have a really nice quilt shop in my town except the women who work there aren't very friendly. I've only met one or two who even asked what I was making. The rest are so busy talking to the other "quilters" that they don't seem to have time for the newcomers.

  4. Love your Pinks! Just charming. So it will be all your fault...I signed up for the Christmas Box swap. What if we get each

  5. I'm oohing and ahhing over your gorgeous pink fabrics!!

  6. There is nothing as pleasant as spending a few hours in a quilt store. Just love the pink beauties. What a fabulous quilt they would make. Take care.