Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thursday Two Questions #4 ~ 10-7-10

I am linking up with Thursday Two Questions meme hosted by Blessing Reflections. Sorry I am a bit late posting but glad the Linky isn’t hasn’t closed.

1. What was your nickname as a child? 
Mine was “Harpo” because my head was full of blond curls and I did not say a word until I was 2....I just pointed and grunted. Since then it has been hard to shut me up!

2. What is your favorite comfort food?
Mine is Campbell’s Tomato Soup with one or two pieces of rye bread  slathered with peanut butter...smooth or crunchy. I am not particular.


  1. Your answers are so cute and so is your blog. Thanks for playing TTQuestions.
    So the childhood nickname is really person though...haha. Only my family knows that one, and it isn't in English, so I don't know how to word it. Good enough excuse? But I have another nickname when I was growing up, and some people still call me Mandy, though it is confusing to me....
    My comfort food is soup /noodles, any kind. It is fantastic when I am tire and don't feel like eating.

  2. I don't have a nickname when I was a child..

    My comfort food is also hot and sour soup..

  3. 1) I have a few, not in English though but to translate it, one has the meaning of 'big head' and the other is 'little chili'. Hahahah.. Oh my, those days...

    2) Almost the same as yours.. Mine is the Chicken Noodle Soup from Campbell.. And some garlic bread.. :)

  4. I have never tried rye bread with peanut buttter. I bet it is wonderful.

    Thanks for stopping by.