Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Matchbox #8

My #8 Christmas Matchbox came to me from Linda over at: 

Linda’s Christmas Matchbox is so dainty and feminine. It is covered in pink with lace and pearls and a lot of sparkles. It is the sweetest box to look at hanging from my metal tree. When you open it up there is not one goodie....but TWO of them. One is a little santa ornament and the other a little key which I may wear on my necklace. Thanks you so much, Linda. I love my box and my goodies. 
Tomorrow I’ll be posting #9.

This  Christmas Matchbox Swap is sponsored by Linda over at "A Swap for All Seasons.”


  1. Hi Genie, I am so glad you liked your matchbox. Thank you for the very sweet comments. You have really got some nice ones. Hope you have a wonderful evening! Linda

  2. I have enjoyed seeing all of your treasures. Where did you get the matchboxes. The little treasures inside have been so sweet. Hope work is going okay. Soon a big break......I am looking forward to that and I bet you are.

  3. Oh how lovely! I love the delicate pink!

  4. Love the pink on this boxand double treasure inside too. Lucky you.
    valery W (UK)

  5. This is a very pretty matchbox! Love the little treasures inside!