Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Matchbox #9

My #9 Christmas Matchbox came to me from Jan over at: 

Jan’s Christmas Matchbox is so attractive and festive with its candy cane paper, ribbon, and the stamped ticket, but the gift inside is unbelievable. I love the way she stamped the “9” on the ticket, but the puzzle piece pendant with the little gold “Queen’s Crown” is the neatest gift.  By the time this posts, trust me...I will have worn it multiple times. Thanks so much, Jan. I love my box and goodie.
Tomorrow I’ll be posting #10 so stay tuned.

This  Christmas Matchbox Swap is sponsored by Linda over at "A Swap for All Seasons.”


  1. How cute is that? What is the puzzle piece made out of. What fun those boxes are.

  2. Love her boxes and puzzle pieces...very creative.

  3. What a sweet little pendant. This looks like it is a really fun swap!

  4. Genie I got your number 11 matchbox and it is adorable. Thank you very much! Merry Christmas

  5. clever! I like the puzzle piece and crown! Thank you for the matchbox charm you sent me!